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Using Lighting

Lighting schemes are an essential part of kitchen planning as there is nothing worse than a dimly lit work area.

Harvey Jones kitchen with pendant lighting

For practical areas, position spot lights directly above key areas to ensure the light isn’t blocked while you stand at the sink, hob or worktop. Utilise under-cabinet lighting to illuminate work surfaces and a lit extractor can provide lighting for your cooking area. Lights can also be fitted within drawers and pantry units to automatically switch on when a cupboard or drawer is opened.

If you're looking for something a bit more innovative, our designers can help guide you through the wide-range of statement lighting available; like remote-controlled colour-changing plinth lights, or LED lighting that is built into our box shelves.

Consider the balance between task and mood lighting. Using dimmer switches on your main lights can help create a glow in the evening – perfect for entertaining - and they can be turned up when you need more useful light.

Harvey Jones Original kitchen with muted lighting

Visit one of our showrooms now to see examples of the lighting solutions we offer.

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