Brilliant Ways To Show Off Ways To Display In The Kitchen

3rd October 2016

Many moons ago, the trend for glass-fronted cupboards was booming and no kitchen was complete without glazed units to show off your best china and glassware. Then, sleek white kitchens became the norm and it was flat cabinetry concealing everything inside all the way. While things haven’t exactly gone full circle, design tricks that allow you to display precious pieces without the kitchen becoming cluttered are back in vogue and there are plenty of clever ideas around for presenting and displaying everything from wine and cookery books to china and photographs.

No longer simply the preserve of country kitchens, a clean-lined plate rack not only provides a handy space above the sink to place plates, it keeps drying items from crowding the worksurface and also keeps to hand our latest gorgeous Emma Bridgewater or Denby collection.

As a nation we’re drinking more wine at home than ever before and storing it is becoming more important. As well as sophisticated coolers that keep good wine at the perfect temperature, there’s also the lower tech but more beautiful option of crafted racks to show off your latest tipple. Placed above a fridge for keeping reds or on an island facing a dining area so family and guests can help themselves while the cook prepares dinner, they come in all shapes and sizes for a bespoke solution depending on your taste. We offer a wide range of wine rack options and can even build bespoke wine storage options into cupboards to create a wonderful surprise “reveal”.

With increasing numbers of fabulous cookery shows comes increasing numbers of inspirational cookbooks to buy, filled with delicious recipes to try at home. Keeping them safe from splashes but close to hand can be tricky but there are ways to show you’re channeling your inner Heston or Jamie. Islands, like the one at the top of this page, are perfect for keeping your books away from the main action but close enough so you can reach for them when needed. Equally, a bookcase styled in the same way as your cabinetry, either to one side of your cooking area or as part of a bigger kitchen diner space is a good-looking option. We offer a wide range of cookery book storage options across each of our Shaker, Linear, Arbor and Original ranges.