Your Kitchen Design

22nd November 2016

When you start to think about a new kitchen design, it can be tricky to see the wood for the trees. Its outward appearance is, of course, the main priority but once decisions have been made on the range cooker and kitchen mantel the style of cabinetry – panelled or flat door – the colour – plain and simple or daring and colourful – and the surfaces, then it’s all those small but all-important remaining choices that can often make or break a design.

Whether you’re after a cosy country farmhouse design or prefer a professional style contemporary look, picking the right finishing touches might feel less exciting but getting them right will ensure your new kitchen is as perfect as you imagined.

Handles can make a huge difference to a door so it’s worth looking at a few samples before you decide. Dress up Shaker with cup pulls and metal knobs and you have the beginnings of a farmhouse style. Alternatively, add sleek steel bar handles to an in-frame kitchen and you’ve got yourself a thoroughly modern base from which to build.


The appliances you go for can also make a difference to how a kitchen looks and functions. A bright coloured range cooker does not only give a focus point, it also can be beautifully built around. Framing it with a mantel above and to the sides will help to define your cooking space – and add a bold tile or glass splashback for a little extra wow. While cast-iron models such as Aga or Esse are quite an investment, the latest modern range cookers look just as good and come in a variety of sizes, colours and are now even available with induction cook tops for those who want a classic aesthetic paired with hi-tech cooking functions. Integrated appliances, hidden behind your chosen cabinetry, will give your space a contemporary feel. Add a bank of hi-tech built-in ovens and matching warming drawers for a zoned cooking space that has it all.

Growing in popularity, hot water taps are a great addition to any kitchen. When the first came to market, they tended to look quite modern and were often an extra to your standard tap. Now, three-in-one models are commonplace, providing hot, cold filtered and boiling water all from one spout. Fitted with child-locks, they’re a safe choice for families, too. While many models have a great contemporary feel, there are now taps on the market from companies such as Franke or Perrin & Rowe that echo the classic white handled bridge taps that are such favourites in traditional kitchens.

One of the things that has probably changed most over the past few years is how much we’re required to recycle these days. With separate bins necessary for food, metals, plastics and general waste you could end up with a kitchen full of rubbish if you don’t think carefully about internal solutions. A beautiful streamlined kitchen feels less so when you’ve got bins for recycling dotted around the room. Planning in undercounter recycling solutions close to your prep area will make all the difference and is an efficient use of space. Depending on your needs there are internal bin designs with two, three or more compartments in a variety of sizes and configurations that allow you to keep everything separate.

bespoke kitchen design company also opens up a world of options if you are looking for storage of specific items to add that final finishing touch to the room. Whether you’re looking for a specific cabinet to display your wine collection, or a custom-made drawer for storing herbs and spices so they’re easily accessible, a bespoke company will be able to make inspiring suggestions about the best solutions.

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