Linear Kitchens

Linear Kitchens

Our award-winning minimalist Linear kitchen collection features our signature contemporary flat-fronted doors and drawers. Since its launch, our Linear has won ‘Best Kitchen System’ at the Grand Design Awards as well as ‘Best Luxury Kitchen’ at the House Beautiful Awards.

“We received our new Linear kitchen in March and could not be more pleased! From the very start of the process our designer was thoughtful, professional and really sensitive to our needs. There was a real sense of dedication to our preliminary "vision" with no sense of being manoeuvred into something we wouldn't be happy with. Our designer always doubled checked that we were happy with each stage of the design and went that extra (few) miles to ensure we got the kitchen of our dreams. We are loving it and hopefully (after lockdown!!) we will be entertaining our family and friends in this fabulous new kitchen!"

Tracey, Cambridge

WHAT IS A Linear Kitchen design?

Our modern Linear kitchen design is minimal and understated. Despite its more contemporary appearance, it is built using traditional handmade construction techniques. It has flat fronted doors and drawers, as well as concealed hinges.

Linear KitchensElements

Our Linear range is one of our most contemporary designs in our collection. Its flat-front finish provides a minimalist kitchen design. This range is the ultimate blank canvas and allows for your bespoke design and finishes to take centre stage.

Contemporary Aesthetic

Our modern Linear kitchen design combines new kitchen design aesthetics with tried-and-tested joinery techniques. Our range has dovetailed solid wooden drawer boxes and all of the benefits of in-frame construction, but it also has sleek and modern flat doors with concealed hinges — ideal for those with more minimalist tastes.

Bespoke Design

Whatever your preferred style, you can choose from an infinite number of finishing details. Working with our expert designer, you can select statement handles, the perfect paint colour, and a stunning worktop to create a truly unique Linear kitchen.

Hand Painted

Linear kitchens can be painted in any colour you want. As you can see from our gallery, this allows you to choose the exact tone that is ideal for your space while also allowing you to experiment with a variety of colours. Because our furniture is hand painted, the colour can be easily changed if you decide to change the colour scheme of your kitchen in the future.

Sinks and Taps

Sinks and taps are often the unsung heroes of the kitchen. We have a large selection of sinks in a variety of styles, configurations, and materials. We will assist you in selecting a robust, highly functional, and stylish kitchen tap that meets all of your daily needs.

Why Harvey Jones

Trusted experience

Our kitchen cabinets are installed by highly skilled craftsmen who are overseen by our team of expert supervisors. They will collaborate with our designers to gain a thorough understanding of your kitchen design. They will then meet with you and visit your space several times to ensure that your Linear kitchen is completed to our flawless standards.

Crafting for 45 years

In the UK, we have over 45 years of expertise making handmade kitchens. During the manufacturing process, more than 25 expert craftsmen touch each of our kitchens. Our kitchens are handcrafted in our Cambridgeshire facility using traditional joinery techniques to ensure the longevity of our furniture.

Designed for you

We consider all of our clients to be design partners because you are the expert on your home. Our designers will carefully interpret your vision after listening to what you require, and together you will co-create your ideal kitchen space.

Let your design journey begun

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