Why Harvey Jones?


We’re proud to create something truly unique for every home. No two kitchens are the same – just look at our gallery. We don’t impose our tastes on you. Instead, we give our clients complete freedom during the design process. You’re the expert on your home, so we act as your trusted design partner, informing, guiding and inspiring you every step of the way. We promise to design the kitchen of your dreams: built for life, and cleverly crafted to suit your changing needs.


Bespoke Kitchens

No two Harvey Jones kitchens are the same. Each of our luxury kitchens are designed and made to order, unique in specification and tailored to your exact requirements. It is this versatility that is the key to our success. Our skilled kitchen design experts will work closely with you to create a totally bespoke kitchen design that, down to the last detail, fits your life perfectly.


Built on Quality

We pride ourselves on the quality and durability of our furniture. Each cabinet is a fully hand-built piece of furniture, carefully and precisely constructed so that it offers unrivalled durability. Always crafting fully hand-built six-sided cubes, that are biscuit-jointed and then glued and screwed for maximum rigidity and durability. Our doors are joined to these cupboards with a solid wood-to-solid wood bond and secured with the highest quality hinges, which means they will never ‘drop’ or fall out of line and your kitchen will look the same in 10 years as it does on the day it was installed.


Hand Painting

We are renowned for our painted kitchens that are delivered to you from our workshop after being expertly primed with a tough undercoat. Then, after installation on site, they are ready for hand-painting in any colour you choose. Our team of specialist furniture painters take care of all of this for you, giving your kitchen the high quality, showroom-standard finish it deserves.


Kitchen Design

The versatility of our kitchens means that no two Harvey Jones kitchens are alike. Every kitchen we design is a specialised project, tailored to your exact requirements. At Harvey Jones, we offer five kitchen ranges. Once you have selected your perfect style, our designer will work with you to create your kitchen design and understanding your vision, your style and taste, and any bespoke requirements you may have.



The installation of your kitchen is a vital step in bringing out the best in our furniture. To achieve the optimum finish, we offer comprehensive installation and hand painting services, using only highly skilled and experienced craftsmen. Installing and painting our handmade kitchen furniture is a specialist job, and our team has been carefully selected and their work continually checked. Their skills will ensure that your kitchen will look just as good as those in our showrooms.


Cabinetry Guarantee

All of the tried-and-tested construction techniques we are dedicated to mean that your kitchen cabinetry will look as good in 10 years as it does on the day it is installed. And, because our kitchens are hand painted , you can easily refresh your space with a colour change in the future, without the upheaval of having to replace the cabinetry. Discover more about our 10 Year Cabinetry Guarantee here.


Kitchen Planning

We now have 26 showrooms across the UK. Our showrooms are the starting point for your project as they give you the opportunity to experience the quality of our construction first-hand and to see our ranges and the variety of cabinetry options we offer. You can also meet our expert designers who will excite you about our thoughtful design process. We look forward to welcoming you


Costs & Pricing

One of the most important things to consider before embarking on an extensive home design project is how much a new kitchen costs. These can be costly endeavours, especially as there are many different features, materials and hardware to choose from. We are here to guide and help you every step of the way so your entire design journey exceeds your expectations.



We craft our luxury kitchens in five timeless, beautifully made designs: our classical and stylish Shaker kitchens, our most traditional, ornate Original design, or Arbor that is a perfect combination of our Shaker and Original styles, to our more contemporary flat-fronted Linear kitchen design and our handleless Linear Edge range. Each of our high quality designs are handcrafted in our Cambridgeshire workshop and are built to last using traditional construction techniques like in-frame cabinet construction and dovetailed drawer boxes.

Why Harvey Jones

your kitchen, our approach



Whether you dream of a classic shaker kitchen or a sleek and contemporary space, our experienced kitchen designers will transform your dream into a timeless and functional design. Every kitchen is unique to the client with a personally focused layout and space plan, hand-painted in any colour, and carefully curated materials to suit the individual.


British Heritage

We have a 40 year heritage of crafting handmade kitchens in the UK. Each one of our kitchens is touched by more than 25 skilled craftsmen as it goes through production. Our kitchens are hand built in our Cambridgeshire workshop, using traditional joinery techniques to ensure superior quality furniture that is going to stand the test of time.



Our role as designer’s of the client’s dream is simple: to help them live better in their homes. We listen to the client, interpret the vision for their dream kitchen, design to their exact needs, make it personal with careful attention to detail, creating beautiful, authentic, and inspiring kitchen spaces.

"We worked with Harvey Jones to re-design our kitchen. We love the end result, the quality is excellent and it is very practical. We went with the Arbor cupboards, where we were able to chose whatever colour we wanted and we went with a variation of quartz and wooden worktops which looks great. The installation was project managed very well and everything was fitted to a high standard. Throughout the whole process, our designer worked with us to help us make the right decisions and we found the whole process quite enjoyable and stress free."

Emma, Bath