Beyond the Kitchen

Beyond the Kitchen

We know the kitchen is the heart of the home. And living a joyful life in your new kitchen goes far beyond just cabinetry. Imagine unlocking the potential of forgotten spaces, transforming them into super-organised, inviting havens that make everyday life a delight.

Imagine a home where even the most functional areas, like boot rooms and utility rooms, are crafted with care to keep living spaces clutter-free. For those passionate about cooking, our hardworking walk-in pantries are a dream come true. Picture bespoke bar concepts and media areas designed for laid-back entertaining, adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

“An excellent experience from start to finish! I am thrilled with my kitchen and the utility room. The units are of a very high quality. Harvey Jones also made a bespoke bar area for my husband in an area of the kitchen which looks fantastic! I particularly want to thank our designer and Roxane (Cardiff Showroom) who were excellent and so professional and helpful throughout the whole experience. I would certainly recommend a Harvey Jones kitchen to others."

E. Parker, Marlow

How can you design beyond the kitchen?

No matter the space, our extensive experience in crafting and designing kitchens can be applied to any other room in your house. We love helping our clients enhance their homes or achieve a seamless look throughout.

Beyond the KitchenElements

We are dedicated to making the lives of every client we have better and more joyous. We know the superior quality of our furniture and what it gives back to our clients, and sometimes that means going well beyond the kitchen space and into other areas of the home. All of our specialty and skills can be applied to each of these unique areas, giving a cohesive, beautiful, and prideful layer to your home.

Versatile Design

No matter what space you have, our team of expert designers can enhance these rooms into areas of interest and incredible design. The same detailed planning process to craft our stunning kitchens is applied throughout everything we do, from large scale projects to small little details. It’s all important to us. Because we know every aspect of your home matters.

Beautiful Details

We love designing. Kitchens are our speciality, but our expertise goes far beyond. We craft areas for media and entertainment, bars for drinks and socialising, extended seating with our bespoke bench seats and exclusive smile stools, functional utility rooms and so much more. Whatever elements you decide to layer into your space, you will have the same opportunity to specialise each finishing detail to match your personal style.

Superior Quality

Whether you are looking to add a cosy banquette in the corner of your room, a few stools for your breakfast bar or an entire utility room with floor to ceiling cabinetry, we promise to use the same superior quality materials, tried-and-tested joinery techniques and personalised design service. Our tailored design service makes adding on to other areas of your home seamless and enjoyable.

Enhanced Spaces

Our designers can create super organised utility spaces, boot rooms and laundry areas in your home. We’ll ensure there is a home for everything, from muddy boots and ironing boards to guest linens and cleaning products. Whatever size space you have we’ll ensure it works even harder for you, and might even make you smile as you go about the daily chores!

Why Harvey Jones

Select any shade

No matter the trend or style you are choosing for your other room, all of our furniture can be hand-painted in any shade by our skilled artisan decorators. As we hand-paint on site, you can select your colour while your furniture is being installed to ensure it works for your space.

The perfect fit

We have a team of expert fitters and supervisors that will work with your designer to ensure that your other rooms or cabinetry is perfectly finished to our highest standards. Our teams have years of experience and are true experts at bringing our designs to life in your home.

Crafting Know-How

We have been making hand-built furniture for 45 years. With more than four decades of experience, we know exactly what it takes to create beautiful furniture for your kitchen and beyond. We craft all of our furniture here in Britain in our Cambridgeshire workshop.

Let your design journey begun

Our Blog

How To Plan A Utility Room Or Boot Room

If you have dogs, or children, or even both, you’ll know the perils of an open-plan kitchen design that opens out on to the garden – particularly at this time of year. From muddy foot and paw prints all over lovely clean tiles, to coats, hats and scarves dumped in the middle of the room to be picked up later, access to the garden through lovely sliding doors can be something other than a delight when it’s wet and rainy. That’s why a boot or utility room is such a clever idea.