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Modern Kitchen Planning

We have built our company on high-quality, highly durable, traditionally handmade kitchen furniture that is made to order in our Cambridgeshire workshop. We are proud to offer an extensive range of modern and contemporary kitchens - all of which offer the benefits of in-frame cabinetry construction, a traditional time-honoured joinery technique that has been used in the construction of fine furniture for generations.

Our modern kitchens are traditionally built on the inside, but our skilled designers strive to create kitchens that are highly modern and cutting-edge on the outside.

Our skilled designers can tailor our furniture to meet your requirements

The versatility of our ranges means we can customise our furniture to meet the exact requirements of our clients - from a more traditional farmhouse kitchen to a clean, contemporary, open-plan kitchen space.

Our Linear kitchen range offers the cleanest and most minimalist look; it boasts sleek flat doors and concealed hinges which lend it a highly modern feel. For clients seeking a look that is even more contemporary, we have recently introduced Linear Edge - a handleless version of Linear that is inspired by the aesthetics of European kitchen design but keeps British production quality at its core. 

Equally, the versatility of our Shaker and Original ranges can be given a modern feel by our design experts according to the requirements of our clients, whilst our new Arbor kitchens deliver a clean silhouette, focused on the craft and attention to detail of handmade furniture.

The bespoke versatility of our furniture means that our designers can work with our clients to truly personalise their kitchen.

Our kitchens can be painted in any colour, meaning that there are no restrictions on the palette you can choose for your kitchen design. Colour choice plays a very important part in the overall look of the kitchen, and being able to choose the exact shade gives you complete control. 

We also offer an endless range of handles for our contemporary kitchens. We source handles from makers across the world and we are constantly updating the examples in our showrooms. The breadth of this selection means you can pick something that fully meets your brief - from sleek, square-profiled steel bar handles to more traditional cup handles.

Statement pieces like our pantry larder and Linear store cupboard are fantastic focal points for a new kitchen design, and their sleek external design contrasts beautifully with the practicality they offer when you open the doors.

Kitchen appliance selection is another major element in achieving a modern kitchen design. Our showrooms showcase a wide range of ovens, range cookers, hobs and more, and our designers receive regular product training so that they are able to advise clients about the latest technological developments and trends.

Whether you're looking for a modern and contemporary kitchen design or something more traditional, don't hesitate to visit one of our showrooms for inspiration or call 0800 389 6938 to speak with one of our designers.

Ready to start designing? Request your complimentary design appointment here.

What is a contemporary kitchen style?

A contemporary kitchen style is sleek, clean and modern. It typically features simple rows of cabinets with long shelves, appliances built into worktops, and flat-panel doors. There will be a place for everything thanks to the use of clever storage options, ensuring the kitchen looks neat and tidy. A contemporary kitchen style often incorporates dark cabinetry, polished countertops, and smooth stainless steel appliances beautifully merged with the units. That said, these kitchens can be designed to suit your own style preferences using a range of different colours and materials. Our Arbor kitchens are good examples of contemporary designs, though, showcasing understated features that are timeless and effortlessly stylish.

What is the difference between modern and contemporary kitchens?

A contemporary kitchen has elements of modernity; however, a modern kitchen is different in itself. While both designs feature clean lines, few embellishments, and are generally minimalist, modern kitchens tend to feature fewer patterns compared to contemporary designs. Modern kitchens are also often more neutral, with a preference for whites and greys, and may be balanced with more traditional design aspects. Our Linear kitchens, for example, combine the minimalist aesthetic of modern kitchens with tried-and-tested joinery techniques. However, all of our kitchen designs can be altered to suit your needs.

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