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Shaker Kitchens

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Key Features

  • Our most popular kitchen design
  • Designed to be timeless and stylish
  • Traditionally handmade
  • Handpainted in any colour
  • A wide variety of storage options

Our famous Shaker kitchen range has been our most popular collection for the past 30 years. With clean lines and classical, balanced proportions, this versatile design seamlessly integrates into any home, whether you live in a country cottage or a city penthouse.

What is a Shaker kitchen?

The Shaker kitchen gets its name from a religious sect in the mid-18th century called the ‘Shaking Quakers’ (quickly shortened to ‘Shakers’). Today, this famous style reflects the core principles this community believed in – simplicity and functionality.

Every piece was created using the best wood and crafted without ornamentation, which the Shakers considered to be prideful. Designed with functionality as its most important consideration, the Shaker kitchen is minimalist and versatile, with an honest ethos of thoughtful, meticulous craftsmanship.

You can immediately spot a Shaker-style kitchen by looking at its doors, cabinets and drawers, which will have a flat centre panel and a raised rectangular frame.

Why should you choose a Harvey Jones Shaker kitchen?

If you’re considering a minimalist redesign with a clean-yet-chic aesthetic, a highly coveted Harvey Jones Shaker kitchen is the style for you.

Quality craftsmanship

Our Shaker kitchens feature a classic in-frame structure, testimony to Harvey Jones’ time-honoured craftsmanship and luxurious nature. Every one of our handmade kitchens is built from durable, long-lasting wood in our Cambridgeshire workshop using traditional joinery methods.

Bespoke personalisation

Your kitchen can be tailored specifically to meet your needs according to your choice of colour, materials and other features to create bespoke kitchens of outstanding quality. This personalisation means your Shaker kitchen truly will be one of a kind.

Hand painted in any colour

Whether you prefer refined neutrals or vibrant hues, all of our cabinetry is hand painted in situ. Your Shaker kitchen can be painted in whatever colour you like for a stunning showroom-standard finish every time. Green, blue and grey Shaker kitchens are particularly popular with our customers — feel free to combine shades in complementary tones. Alternatively you could opt for dramatic contrast, which works particularly well if you wanted a different colour on the island.

To update your kitchen in the future, your colour scheme can be changed immediately with the stroke of a brush. This allows you to make a big change to the look and feel of the kitchen without the hassle of replacing any cabinetry. It also means you can be bold with colour as there’s always the option to repaint in years to come.

Extensive selection of handles

We’ll offer you a wide choice of handles in a range of styles and finishes. Wooden ones were the most common in traditional Shaker cabinetry, but metal handles feature in many of the modern kitchens we see today — though they will also be humble and unassuming in line with Shaker principles.

10-year cabinetry guarantee

We’ll even give you a cabinetry guarantee, where we will repair or replace any damages for 10 years from the date of purchase. This covers doors, cupboards, shelves and drawers, as well as hinging and drawer runners.

Explore our Shaker kitchen case studies by clicking the images below for inspiration. Or to see our Shaker range first-hand, visit your nearest showroom. If you’re ready to begin your project, click here to request a complimentary design consultation.

Is a Shaker kitchen a contemporary style?

The timeless sophistication and versatility of the Shaker style has kept it in fashion right up to the present day. Modern Shaker kitchens retain the core traditions of simplicity, utility and honesty, but with understated tweaks for a more contemporary aesthetic. Our famous Shaker kitchen is at home in every setting, cleverly balancing clean lines, curved edges, contrasting materials and confident pops of colour.

Do Shaker kitchens look best in neutral colours?

Neutral shades often look beautiful, but have no fear if you prefer a more vibrant kitchen. Shaker and colour are not mutually exclusive. The Shakers certainly pioneered simplicity, but this doesn’t mean they were scared to use colour. Using natural plants to make dyes and paints, they often decorated furniture in shades of blue, green, red and yellow. Incorporating colour into your own Shaker-style kitchen is an impactful way to add character, and our bespoke hand-painted cabinetry can be painted in any shade and freshened up as often as needed.

What are the best storage options for a Shaker kitchen?

As with any successful design, the best features are often those you don’t see. Clever storage ideas are essential in the modern kitchen, and we have a variety of options to help you keep your space neat and organised. For example, our Shaker Pantry Larder provides all the storage space a kitchen requires. Featuring deep drawers for pans, spice and wine racks for jars and bottles, and a work surface shelf for food preparation or plug-in appliances, it is designed to make your life a little easier.

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