Bespoke Kitchens

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Handmade Kitchens Crafted for you

No two Harvey Jones kitchens are the same. Each of our luxury kitchens are designed and made to order to the exact requirements of our clients. We never impose our tastes on you, instead, we give you complete freedom during the design process.

Our skilled kitchen design experts will be your trusted design partner; informing, guiding and inspiring you every step of the way. They will work closely with you to create a totally unique bespoke kitchen design that will suit your needs exactly.

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Hand Painted Kitchens

We are famous for our hand-painted kitchens, which arrive at your home having been expertly primed with hard-wearing undercoats. After being expertly fitted, our cabinetry is hand-painted in the colours of your choice by our skilled decorators. This gives you the freedom to select the exact shades that are right for your kitchen.

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Personalised Storage

We can personalise your bespoke kitchen to suit your needs and fit your space perfectly by adjusting the size of any of our cabinets, changing the internal specifications of our fitted kitchens, incorporating innovative storage mechanisms, or designing a custom solution for specific items or needs.

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Handles & Worktops

We will help you to elevate your kitchen design by guiding you to select the very best finishing details. Your cabinets can be styled with the handles or knobs of your choice. We source handles in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, allowing you to fully personalise the look of your bespoke kitchen. We also supply a wide range of  countertop surfaces – from intricate, naturally-patterned marbles and granites to clean, simple quartz, Corian, composite, and timber worktops.

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British Made

We make all of our designer kitchens to order in our own Cambridgeshire workshop, so we have complete control over process. More than 25 skilled craftsmen are involved in the production of every single cabinet, using traditional joinery techniques that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Our skilled designers are on hand to help you make the most of our hand built kitchens and will guide you to create a space that not only looks beautiful, but also functions perfectly.



Harvey Jones kitchens are unlike any other. Consider us your trusted design partner; we will inform, guide, and inspire you without placing out tastes on you. Instead, we give our clients complete creative control over the design process. Because you are the expert on your home, you have the final say on how your bespoke fitted kitchen should look, feel, and function.

Let your design journey begun

Bespoke Kitchens Frequently Asked Questions

A bespoke kitchen is a made-to-measure kitchen. In other words, a functional space that is tailored to your home’s needs. Most of our clients want a custom kitchen to reflect their own tastes, personality and style. And by working with five timeless designs — each a blank canvas for personalisation — Harvey Jones kitchens offer the opportunity to reflect all of this. We also handbuild each piece of furniture to order once the kitchen has been designed around our customer’s space and wishes.

Bespoke, hand-built kitchens offer unrivalled potential for personalisation and practical use of space, so are a worthwhile investment for your home. While we create bespoke kitchens, the only items to carry a bespoke price tag are those that are actually custom-made for a particular client. Our more popular furnishings are often suitable for most kitchens, but there will always be times when special sizing is needed and our designers create a one-off unit. Understandably, the cost of producing these is higher than the regular pieces we create — but in opting for bespoke sizing, a client will get the perfect fit and could save money by not having to install additional cabinetry to fill space.

Yes. All of our custom kitchens are made to order and we can adjust the height, width and depth of any cupboard we build — this means we can make the most of all available space, no matter how unusual the shape is. Our kitchen designers pride themselves on their keen eye for smart storage solutions and making economical use of space. This is how we can work with you to preserve the distinct character of your home and avoid making any costly and time-consuming structural alterations.