Our Workshop

The foundation of our craft all begins in our Cambridgeshire workshop. With our experienced team of highly skilled joiners and cabinet makers, we guarantee stunning, handmade kitchens.  Our long established heritage means we know exactly what it takes to deliver the kind of quality that will stand the test of time, and we work with each client individually to design exactly the right space for their needs.  Personalised kitchens that are built to last.  A kitchen that not only looks beautiful but works beautifully too.

Elements of our craft

Each and every one of our bespoke kitchens are built to last, and their construction involves the talents of many people. From the moment your personalised design is submitted to our workshop for production, it will be worked upon by more than twenty five craftsmen. From milling the timber, through to sizing and cutting, assembly, priming and final quality checks, we have a rigorous construction process that has been tried and tested to guarantee the finest quality kitchen furniture.

Having our own workshop ensures precision quality and gives us control over delivery timescales. It also gives us the ability to adjust to any unique requirements you may have. We make all of our furniture to order, so you get exactly what you desire to give you the kitchen of your dreams.


Sustainably harvested wood

It means everything to us that we take care of our planet at each stage of what we do. We are passionate about kitchen design for the future and doing everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. So, we only source our timber from responsibly managed forests. Click here to read more about our dedication to the environment.


Over 400 years combined experience

Our expertly trained team will create the most exceptional kitchen for you, one that is both functional and beautiful. Over 25 skilled craftsmen are involved in the production of every single kitchen, using traditional joinery techniques that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. Because we know the strength of our product is all in the incredible talents from the people behind it.


Tried & Tested Techniques

After four decades of experience, we have refined our approach to perfection. Each of our cupboards is a fully built six-sided cube, biscuit-jointed and then glued and screwed for maximum rigidity and durability. Our doors are joined with a solid wood-to-wood bond and secured with the highest quality hinges.


Hardwoord to Hardwood Joints

All our doors are constructed using traditional in-frame techniques and secured with the strongest hinges, creating a solid-wood to solid-wood connection ensuring they will never drop, no matter how much they are used, for the lifetime of the kitchen every door and drawer will line up perfectly.


Dovetailed connection

All our drawer boxes are made using solid hardwood and have traditional dovetail joints at both the front and back to withstand a lifetime of use. Not only beautiful, but all our drawers also have under-mounted, full extension and soft close gliding systems. We know you will be using these drawers daily and we promise to ensure that experience is a joyous one.


High Quality Primer

One of our specialities is hand painting each kitchen we craft. You can have any colour you want because it means everything to us that you have the exact shade and tone that is right for you and your home. To ensure our hand painted cabinets have a velvety smooth yet durable finish, we need to use the highest quality primer. Because with Harvey Jones, you would not expect anything less.

Handmade today

It didn’t take long to go from hand building furniture in our founder’s garden shed, to opening showrooms in Fulham, Battersea, Leamington Spa and Stratford-upon-Avon to keep up with demand. Understanding what our clients want has always been key to our success. We know you want a kitchen as beautiful – and well built – as your home. And so you should.


"From the quality of workmanship to their professionalism, they are definitely great at what they do! "

Jemma, Nottingham