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A Look Inside Our Workshop

Our workshop is located in Cambridgeshire, and is staffed by a highly skilled and experienced team of joiners and cabinet makers. Each of our cupboards is a fully handbuilt six-sided cube, biscuit-jointed and then glued and screwed for maximum rigidity and durability. Our doors are joined to these cupboards with a solid wood-to-solid wood bond and secured with the highest quality hinges, which means they will never ‘drop’ or fall out of line. This means that your kitchen will look the same in 10 years as it does on the day it is installed.

Having our own workshops allows us to guarantee precise quality and gives us control over delivery timescales. It also gives us the ability to adjust to any unique requirements you may have. We make all of our furniture to order, and we regularly make entirely unique, bespoke pieces to suit a client’s specific brief.

Our bespoke kitchens are built to last, and their construction involves the talents of many people. From the moment your bespoke design is submitted to our workshop for production, it will be worked upon by more than twenty craftsmen. From milling the timber when it is delivered to us, through sizing and cutting, assembly, priming and final quality checks, we have a rigorous construction process that has been tried and tested to guarantee the finest quality kitchen furniture.

We deliver nationwide, and can also arrange for delivery overseas.

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