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Looking After The Environment

We do everything we can to minimise our impact on the environment. A key part of this is having our workshop in the UK, which gives us complete control over manufacture and also minimises transport emissions. We regularly review our supply chains and our production processes are carefully managed to minimise any wastage of raw materials. We also have extensive recycling schemes within the workshop and our showrooms.

The guaranteed quality of our furniture construction gives our bespoke kitchens exceptional durability, meaning that you will not need to change the furniture for many years, which in turn reduces the use of raw materials. Indeed, because of the quality of our cabinet construction, clients often return to us many years after their kitchen was installed in order to organise for their furniture to be repainted, saving them the upheaval of needing to replace the cabinets.

From sourcing our timber from responsibly-managed forests, to traditionally blanket-wrapping our kitchens when we deliver them to reduce wasteful packaging, we do what we can to take care of our planet.

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