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Kitchen Larders

Providing heaps of storage space the latest larders are statement pieces in their own right.

A kitchen larder was once the mainstay of any hardworking kitchen. Often a room in itself, with shelves lining the walls for dried goods and a marble topped area for keeping dairy and meat cool, it rather fell out of favour with the growing availability of good domestic fridges. However, it’s making a comeback in a big way in modern kitchens and while it’s not now a necessity for preventing food going off, it is a great storage solution that can be modelled to suit you and you family's lifestyle.

Don’t think that a larder is only for big kitchens, either. A 60cm wide floor to ceiling cabinet takes up just a little more space than a base unit with wall cabinet above but packs real punch in the storage space stakes. We also offer bifold door options to maximise the efficiency of your space.

Before you decide on your larder’s interior, it’s a good idea to think about whether you want it to integrate fully with the rest of your kitchen, flowing seamlessly with your cabinetry, or whether you’d prefer a more freestanding look. While an integrated larder would suit a more modern approach, in our Linear cabinetry for instance, a classic or traditional scheme might call for a more modular design using several freestanding pieces of furniture. Do remember though, it may be easier to add plug points and interiors lighting if it is an integrated piece rather than a freestanding one.

Harvey Jones kitchen larder

A Shaker kitchen featuring our famous Pantry Larder. Visit your local Harvey Jones showroom to see a variety of larders on display.


Interiors are highly personal things and the materials you use and combination of shelves, drawers and pull-out compartments you select will, to a certain extent, depend on what kind of cook you are, or the specific purpose of the cupboard. To get a good idea of what you might need, your personal designer will always talk to you about how you and your family cook and what is on your wish-list, as well as suggesting a few clever ideas you might not have considered.

Doors with beautifully arranged wooden racks to hold regularly used spices and condiments are a great solution, meaning everything you need is to hand as soon as you open the door.

Adding a granite or marble shelf can change the purpose of a larder to make it a clever baker’s cupboard. Place all your baking necessities on the shelves, keep small appliances in deep drawers and add a stone worksurface on which to roll out your pastry or icing where it will stay nice and cool.

If your larder sits between a cooking and dining area then have drawers fitted below to hold china, cutlery and linens so they’re nearby when laying the table.

For more modern schemes, larders are morphing into breakfast stations designed to hold everything you need for the most important meal of the day. Adding a few plug points to the interior means you can keep your toaster and kettle in the same place as your cereals, jams, teas and coffee, keeping mess elsewhere to a minimum, great for busy parents doing the school run.

Harvey Jones Linear kitchen larder

A Linear kitchen design featuring our famous Pantry Larder. Add a granite or marble shelf to give your furniture a bespoke finish.

Whether your larder is freestanding or fitted why not think about painting it in an accent shade, similar to how you might treat an island for instance, adding interest to a simple white or pale grey kitchen. If that feels too bold, then you can always add a different shade on the inside for an exciting pop of colour when it’s opened up.

Harvey Jones wood kitchen larder

An Original kitchen design featuring our famous Pantry Larder.

Discuss your requirements with one of our design experts by calling 0800 389 6938, or use the LiveChat facility on our website to speak directly with a designer.

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