Kitchen Organisation, Open Shelving & Curiosity Cabinets

17th May 2019

Organisation in the kitchen is so much easier than ever before. Marie Kondo, of KonMari fame, is obsessed by adding cardboard boxes to drawers to help keep their contents in order. But, as anyone who has a bespoke kitchen will testify, an already compartmentalised drawer is a thing of wonder to behold. In fact, investing in drawers – not just for pans, china and utensils but also dried goods – as opposed to cupboards – is the quickest route to an organised kitchen. Not only does it mean you can store everything where it’s best needed, pans below the hob and dried goods next to the food preparation area for instance, you can also make the absolute most of the interiors of your kitchen. Instead of scrabbling around with your arms deep into a cupboard to find that rarely used but now essential fondu set, you can simply pull out a drawer and find it with ease, even if it has gravitated right to the back.


Of course, organisation is also about having the right thing in the right place, so careful planning is essential to ensure you don’t fill your most accessible drawers with things you use once in a blue moon. If you’re making use of wall cupboards, they’re a good place to keep birthday cake tins, turkey roasting tins and that juicer that comes out in January, only to go right back in a month later!

For those blessed with a lot of space and perhaps a central island they’re eschewing wall storage in favour of open shelving. Display shelves and glass-fronted curiosity cabinets are making a welcome return to kitchens, as gorgeous Instagram accounts from key influencers show how we can display our favourite pieces. While they do require a little more effort to keep dust-free and tidy, they can make all the difference to the look of a room, particularly if you’ve opted for a certain style, country or modern for instance, as displaying a few pieces that reflect this look will help to pull the whole room together.

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