Refurbishing Your Handmade Kitchen

9th September 2011

One of the major benefits of a handmade kitchen is its durability, and the potential it holds for refurbishment at a later date.

A handmade kitchen is, from its materials and construction down to its installation, built to last. Therefore, if your tastes or circumstances change, your kitchen doesn’t have to. It can simply be repainted, re-styled or, in the case of this kitchen in Kent, moved and added to, to create a whole new room.

Our client had purchased their Harvey Jones kitchen 14 years ago. However, as time passed, the room was no longer large enough for their growing family, so an extension was built to the side of the house and plans were drawn up for a larger kitchen.

Knowing that their original Harvey Jones cupboards were still in excellent condition, our client returned to the Tunbridge Wells showroom and worked with our designer on a plan for the current kitchen cabinets to be moved from their existing location to the new extension, and for some additional cabinets to be made.

When the build was complete, the cabinets were moved and repainted in this great shade of pale grey, and chunky walnut knobs were added in place of the handles that were used previously.

ready to refurbish your bespoke kitchen? Visit your local Harvey Jones showroom. Alternatively, book a complimentary consultation with one of our expert designers.