Six eco kitchen ideas to keep you busy (in and out of lock down)

18th July 2020
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While we’re all increasingly getting used to life in lockdown, Planet Earth has been carrying on as usual; in fact, she’s been healing. The global slowdown in human activity has led to cleaner air, clearer water and re-emerging wildlife. As many of us still isolate at home, we can use the extra time to boost this environmental silver lining without the distractions that come from being incredibly busy or on the move.

Whether you’re planning a full kitchen makeover or just a few quick updates, keep reading to find out how you can make your space more sustainable.


1. Redesign your recycling

Including integrated receptacles into the cabinetry design will make recycling easier. Your glass, paper and plastic will be kept neat and tidy and the kitchen will be clutter-free. Built-in bins will also encourage you and your family to recycle regularly. If you’re embarking on a renovation, this is something to consider in the design phase, but you can also introduce an efficient system into your existing kitchen – simply identify your new recycling cupboard and you’re away.

2. Cut down on food waste

Arguably one of the biggest challenges of our time, food waste is terrible for the planet and your finances. With more time on our hands, why not create a meal plan that suits the week ahead? Write down the recipes, make a shopping list and stick to it. By planning meals in advance you’ll be less likely to have any food left at the end of each week. If you do, however, there are plenty of recipes online to help you use up what’s left at the bottom of your cupboard and whip up a delicious meal.

3. Old becomes new

Are you using this time to plan a renovation? Why not re-purpose old cabinets or handles in another room, like a utility or garage? If you choose a hand painted kitchen, you can then repaint it in the future with any colours you like, saving you money, stress and avoiding it ending up in landfill.

4. Grow your own herbs

Planting your own herbs is a rewarding way to reduce your impact on the environment and you don’t need a green thumb to do so. Basil, lemongrass and parsley require minimal care and can be easily grown indoors, especially if you have a windowsill that gets plenty of sunshine and air. Less food waste, zero packaging and fresher taste – all the more reason to go green.

5. Go plastic free

New technologies are being released every day to help reduce our carbon footprint. One of these is Quooker’s CUBE, the newest launch from the original boiling-water tap brand that also produces chilled, filtered and sparkling water. The new system uses CO2 canisters that can be sent back to Quooker free of charge to be refilled. With the average household creating over 300 plastic bottles waste a year, it makes a tough argument to keep buying plastic!

6. Make your own kitchen cleaner

An easy way to cut another plastic bottle out of your life is to make your own multi-surface cleaner. Get yourself a glass spray container and start mixing! Combine equal portions of water and distilled white vinegar and add a few drops of lemon juice or essential oil to give it a fresher scent. You’ll be left with an all-natural cleaning solution that’s better for the environment and your kitchen worktop alike.

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