The Benefits Of A Kitchen Larder

23rd March 2012

Providing heaps of storage space, kitchen larders are distinctive statement pieces in their own right. Read on to discover the latest styles and benefits of adding a larder to your kitchen so you can bring your design ideas to life.

What is a kitchen larder?

A kitchen larder was once a mainstay of any functional kitchen. Often a room in itself, with a marble-topped area for keeping meat and dairy products cool, it eventually fell out of favour after domestic fridges became more commonplace.

However, kitchen larders are making a huge comeback in modern homes. Although they are no longer a necessity for preserving food, they still offer a great storage solution that can be modelled to suit the needs of you and your family.

What is the difference between kitchen larders and pantries?

You can store food in both kitchen larders and pantries. The former was traditionally designed to preserve perishable goods, whereas a pantry was storage space for more durable goods, such as flour and preserves, as well as dishes and linens. However, the two can also be combined to create a pantry larder, where you can keep all types of food as well as your kitchenware.

Our pantry larder is one of our most popular storage options, providing ample space. They also hark back to more traditional designs and values, which are especially relevant when you consider the current trends for home cooking and growing your own food.

Featuring deep oak drawers for pans and utensils, spice and wine racks for storing jars and bottles, a granite shelf for food preparation, and two cleverly concealed removable trays, our pantry larder offers a complete self-contained kitchen storage solution.

What are the different types of kitchen larder?


Freestanding kitchen larders stand separate from your cabinetry, and will perfectly complement a classic modular aesthetic. For example, several freestanding pieces can add a subtle sense of character to one of our Original kitchens.


This style of larder flows seamlessly with your cabinetry and suits a more modern design, such as our Linear kitchen. It’s also much easier to add plug points and interior lighting with an integrated built-in larder.


Our breakfast dresser is similar to a larder, and is perfect for those wanting a traditional look. This beautiful piece has a recessed top section with folding doors for easy access to all of your food and cooking equipment. The bottom section features a pair of handmade removable trays, and two drawers and cupboards for additional storage.

What are the main benefits of a kitchen larder?


Don’t think that a larder is only for big kitchens. A 60cm wide floor-to-ceiling larder needs roughly the same amount of space as a base unit with a wall cabinet above it, but packs far more of a punch in the storage stakes. We also offer bifold door options to maximise your space.


Interiors are highly personal and your kitchen larder will depend on the kind of cook you are and the cupboard’s specific purpose.

For example, beautifully arranged wooden racks can hold regularly used spices and condiments so everything you need is to hand once you open the door. Or if your kitchen larder is close to your dining area, drawers fitted below can hold china, cutlery and linens, making them extremely convenient for when you need to set the table.

You could also turn your larder into a clever baker’s cupboard, storing appliances in deep drawers and adding a stone work surface for rolling out pastry or icing, and keep it cool at the same time. Or why not transform your larder into a breakfast station? Adding a few plug points to the interior allows you to put your toaster and kettle with your cereals, jams, teas and coffee. This keeps mess elsewhere to a minimum — great for busy parents doing the school run.


A larder is one of the most comprehensive kitchen storage solutions, but it’s also a striking furnishing which adds instant style. Why not consider painting it in an accent shade to contrast a simple white or pale grey kitchen? Or give the interiors of your cupboards an exciting pop of colour when they’re opened up?

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