Trend Watch Dining Table Sets

22nd February 2018

2018 is well and truly upon us now and most of us are looking forward to warmer climes and summer entertaining. Dining tables have many boxes to tick, both form and function, so brands are pushing design boundaries to ensure our long list of requirements are fulfilled. Whether your kitchen and dining rooms are separate, or you have introduced an open-plan or broken-plan layout, finding the right table can make or break a scheme.

We will be looking at different styles of tables and how they should integrate into your space. Firstly, here are some initial pointers.

  • Think about the space you are working with; a small compact room will not uphold a large piece of furniture, however an open-plan scheme will be complemented by a large, statement table because it helps to break up the space.
  • Think about materials. Tables made from wood veneers or solid wood are hard-wearing, robust and durable, making them ideal for everyday use. They are also easy to maintain, which is ideal for family homes. If you want something a little more luxurious, marble is still en vogue for 2018. Alternatively, if you want to make a statement, a matte concrete-look topper is the epitome of industrial design.
  • Think about durability. Ask yourself the question, will I still want this table in five years? Trends come and go, but remember you need to live with it, so you must love it from one day to the next.

There are so many choices out there, so we have delved deeper and considered the style of dining table sets and what space they will work in.


The dining table is a central hub of activity in the home, whether it’s brunching on the weekends or weeknight dinners, this is an opportunity to make the room reflect your personality and add something that creates a design statement.

With even more consumers opting for darker hues, interior designers are collectively forecasting a departure from bleached woods and pale materials. Big bold colours are in and, while you might not necessarily want a bright colour for your table, there are stylistic choices that will help it to complement a bolder scheme. For example, metallic handles and legs are perfect for adding a finishing touch without introducing another colour. Also, mixing materials such as walnut, gold and marble, is contemporary but sophisticated.


A common problem for homeowners in 2018? The resurgence of dinner parties compared with the shrinking floor space in modern build properties in the UK.

What if you want to entertain family and friends but don’t have space for a table-fit-for-a-feast. Luckily there are so many space-saving solutions available for furniture and dining tables are no exception. An extending table is the answer; the multi-purpose table works well for everyday use, as well accommodating extra guests on special occasions. Always consider how simple it is to operate, the best designs should be the easiest to work.

As seen below an extending table needn’t be cumbersome or “blocky”, you can choose a solid oak top (as seen), to incorporate charm and warmth. Round off this Nordic layout with neutral coloured accessories and fresh greenery to create a truly inviting space for guests.


There is no space that cannot be optimised with the right furniture. To ensure you make the most of what you have, compact tables are fit for purpose. The right design will help the day-to-day function while complementing the overall design. Below are two examples, bright/modern and dark/sophistication – both of which will provide style and comfort. Chairs tuck away tightly to save space and give a relaxed impression to a room.

Whether you are looking to entertain the whole family or make an impact, your dining room should reflect your personality and suit your lifestyle.

If you want more design inspiration, request a copy of our brochure or browse our blog and Instagram page for recent case studies. Alternatively, visit your local Harvey Jones showroom to discuss your kitchen design with our expert designers.