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6th October 2018

In the fickle world of fashion, trends come and go all the time. Some fade forever while others simply take a well-earned rest only to reemerge a few decades later with renewed vigour. This is definitely the case for one enduring material in 2018, as adorning everything from worktops to wallpaper, and chairs to china this year’s big surface and pattern trend is the ever-durable terrazzo.

Grey Terrazzo Wallpaper, 10.05m x 0.53m, £65, Ferm Living

It’s a material that definitely has staying power. Its origins can be found as far back as 9,000 B.C. but in the 18th century it was perfected and developed in Italy by construction workers as a way to reuse leftover marble chippings. When set into clay and polished until they were smooth, these chippings created a stunning but low-cost surface for the terraces around the workers’ homes. In fact, the word terrazzo in Italian means terrace.

Ofelia Rustic Porcelain Floor Tile, £28.99, Tile Mountain

These days, terrazzo is set into a base of concrete or resin and the aggregate (chippings) used can be the traditional marble or quartz, glass or granite and even metal to create a hardwearing adaptable surface in almost any colour combination you can imagine.

Poppi Tableware Range, from £6.50, Abode Living

Popular throughout the early to mid 20th century – possibly one of the most well-known flooring examples is the Hollywood Walk of Fame – terrazzo last saw a rise in popularity in the 70s and was mostly employed as flooring or a decorative pattern for surfaces such as tables. Now in 2018 the endless colour and material options available make it a versatile choice, particularly for those looking to create a softer industrial or handcrafted vibe in their homes. It also allows you to be as subtle or crazy as you dare with more neutral designs creating a great backdrop for accessories in a myriad of colours and bolder marbles set into coloured bases creating a more glamorous effect.

Terrazzo Side Table, £195, Audenza

Don’t feel you need to be restricted to the actual material, though, as many designers have incorporated the pattern into soft furnishings, wallpapers and even lighting so the look can be used throughout the home.

Blue Iggy Outdoor Cushion, 45x45cm, £20, Made.com

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