The New Aga 3 Series – a perfect cooker for your Harvey Jones Kitchen

17th July 2019
kitchen design featuring display tips

What we love this month… the new Aga 3 Series

A kitchen really isn’t a kitchen without an oven. Even if you’re not the most dedicated or sophisticated cook, the chances are you’ll be planning one in to your new design. Whether you’re a budding Heston or just want somewhere to warm up your chicken drumsticks, the latest built-in ovens are the masters of advanced technology, helping you to create perfectly cooked meals using hi-tech methods. If you’re after a homely feel, though, there’s nothing quite like a range oven for creating a cosy atmosphere in a kitchen, and they’re often the starting point for a kitchen design, too. 

Building a kitchen around a range oven isn’t as difficult as you might think, as although they are a tad bigger than in-line built-in models – ranging from around 90cm to 170cm wide – the room they take up can be put to good use, providing storage as well as a hugely versatile cooking space. However, it’s the cast-iron range oven’s ‘always on’ default position that can make it a little too cosy come the summer. Then of course, there are the not insubstantial energy bills and environmental issues that go with a cooker that’s on constantly.


Aware of this issue, AGA have been making range ovens for some time that can not only be switched off easily when not needed but also connected to apps via your mobile, helping to make them more advanced cooking machines. The latest incarnation, the Series 3, available in 16 colours, features a series of models that are the first AGA range cookers to combine traditional cast-iron with modern conventional cooking, taking flexibility to a whole new level. Ranging in size from 110cm to a substantial 170cm, the cast-iron ovens can be left on when you want that gentle AGA warmth in the kitchen or switched off when you don’t. The 150, 160 and 170 models feature the conventional oven module, which is perfect for those times when you don’t want the cast-iron ovens on but you do want the cooking function and iconic AGA appearance.