Why Choose An In-Frame Kitchen?

15th June 2011

We’ve been building kitchens for more than 30 years, and our success has been built largely on the quality of our construction techniques. Each of our cabinets is a fully handbuilt piece of furniture, not a mass-produced carcase.

With mass-market, ‘flat-pack’ kitchens, the doors are generally mounted onto the front of the carcass using hinges that are screwed into the chipboard carcass itself. Over time, the weight of the door weakens this bond, and the door drops out of line. With one of our hand-built framed kitchens, this won’t happen.

Because the cabinet doors sit within a frame rather than on top of it, they physically can’t drop, as they have nowhere to go. Think of it like the door on the front of your house; the door is within a frame, rather than mounted on top of it.

Here at Harvey Jones, we attach our hardwood doors to a hardwood frame using butt hinges. This wood-to-wood bond is immensely strong, and gives our kitchens real longevity.


What’s more, because our kitchens are available primed for painting, they can be easily refurbished if you feel like changing your colour scheme in the future. We’re confident that you won’t need to go to the expense of changing the cabinets.