Why You Need A Cooker Hood In Your Kitchen

27th October 2011

When considering your kitchen project, one of our experienced designers will discuss all of the elements of your kitchen design with you, taking on board your requirements and making useful suggestions about the best options available.

A cooker hood is essential for absorbing smoke and grease in this small Shaker kitchen design.

One of the decisions that can make a really difference in your new room is kitchen extraction. So why is a cooker hood so important? We discussed it with Henneke Duistermaat at BEST from Britannia.

1. Especially when you deep or shallow fry food, or when wok cooking, grease will be absorbed in the air. This grease can be deposited on your kitchen cabinets – making them difficult to keep clean. A cooker hood will prevent grease being deposited by filtering the air in your kitchen through the grease filters.

2. A cooker hood will remove smells from your kitchen – especially if you leave it switched on for a few minutes after you finish cooking.

3. Cooking creates steam and condensation in your kitchen. This could even lead to mould in the room if not properly dealt with. If your cooker hood is ducted out (rather than used in recycling mode), it will remove steam and condensation from your kitchen.

4. A cooker hood can add to the overall look of your kitchen. A cooker hood can be an impact feature in itself or hidden in a cabinet.

There are so many options these days – canopy hoods, wall mounted hoods, island hoods, ceiling hoods and downdraft hoods. If you are unsure about the best cooker hood for your kitchen, don’t hesitate to call a designer in your nearest showroom to discuss your project in more detail.