2022 Trends

5th January 2022
example of 2022 kitchen design trends

From bold colours and clever designs to new materials and layered textures, the Harvey Jones designers explain what we’ll be seeing more of in the kitchen in 2022. 


The trend for darker and bold colours in the kitchen is continuing, but starting to branch out from just the dark blues to include more greens and even deep reds. The bold feeling is following through in worktop and splashback choices, with more and more people opting for heavy veined marble-looking worktops, as opposed to the more discreet looks we have seen in the past. Texture is also becoming a more understood and used element to kitchen design, with worktops and splashbacks, handle finishes moving away from the high polished, to now include honed and satin finishes. As well as reeded glass creating a more layered aesthetic.


Bar areas are also going to see an increased demand. As we are allowed to socialise again, having these amenities in the home is becoming a popular request. And if we get put back into lockdown, they don’t hurt either. A breakfast bar is a versatile piece perfect for a multifunctional kitchen – with the right seating it can work as a dining table where you can enjoy a quick breakfast or informal meal with family and friends, while it doubles up as a bar and buffet area to serve drinks and canapes when hosting a party.


Appliances are getting cleverer, which means less are needed, helping to keep worktops clear and kitchens feel less less kitchen-like. Pantries, be they built-in or freestanding, are a huge trend right now. Kitchens are no longer rooms that you shut away when you have finished cooking, but have become the space we live in most, so having an area for all the kitchen-specific items to be hidden away but accessible is a must. If there is the space to incorporate a walk-in pantry, then this can be a very cost effective way to do it, and it is one of the benefits of working with a kitchen designer at the start of a project, as they can help incorporate these into the plans.


Sustainability is of course another key trend for 2022. In-frame handmade kitchens which never need to be thrown away and can be updated with new paint colours and different handles and knobs are a big positive, and the benefit of UK craftmanship is becoming more and more apparent. – Charlotte Campbell, Harvey Jones Kitchen Designer


In 2022 and beyond, we will see more rounded shapes adding elegant and beautiful corners to the kitchen. Softer forms are alluring and appealing because they exude luxury and sophistication. They are also more ergonomic and feel more natural to use, whilst aesthetically every view is taken care of, rather than creating abrupt stops.

Rounded corners will be particularly popular in kitchen islands. The majority of worktop features, especially for breakfast bars, use contrasting materials like wood and quartz composite, with different level thickness. A curved seating area is more sociable (think of a round table vs. a long narrow table). Beyond 2022, I’d predict we’ll also see more curved cabinets on the islands, but keeping the perimeter at right angles – this will make the islands more interesting, individual, and more of a statement piece to introduce personality. – Emma Cowburn, Harvey Jones Kitchen Designer