3 Chic kitchen styles to inspire your renovation

31st January 2022


At Harvey Jones, we like to keep on top of the trends defining the contemporary climate. Our bespoke kitchen designs are made possible by the years of knowledge and experience we have of reworking these spaces with a personal flair and rigorous attention to detail. However, even though renovating your kitchen is an exciting prospect, there can often be so many ideas floating around that it’s impossible to settle on which one is for you. 

On that note, we’ve compiled a list of the three most rich and exciting styles currently captivating those who are hungry for a chic yet practical kitchen makeover. Taking inspiration from our friends in Northern Europe, the Mediterranean, and from all the way across the Atlantic, let’s explore what the cornucopia of kitchen designs has to offer you.


Rustic and eclectic, the interior that is typical of Northern Europe is about combining style and substance equally. The kitchen is not just a highly practical space for cooking, but will in its own way reflect a specific philosophy of living. According to Scandinavia Standard, these designs generally have “a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and light spaces, devoid of clutter”. This remains a broad template, however. While neutral and organic tones and materials like wood are the common features of a Scandi decor, its varied elements appeal to a wide range of tastes.


For instance, a Norwegian kitchen follows the minimalist route, with delicate lines and rooms filled with strong light, but the name of the game is utility. If you are anything like the nordmenn of old, you might go for a kitchen with subtle, natural hues that are “playful and unique” whilst being highly functional and clutter-free. A stripped back, light-touch design and a wood foreground with an efficient floor to ceiling cabinet system will make your renovation feel clean, sophisticated and authentic.


Yet in the neighbouring country of Denmark, it’s not all about practicality. A Danish trend enjoying a surge in recent years is the ‘hygge’ (hoo-ga) aesthetic, which covets cosiness above all else. The Danes have popularised this design style since its birth in the early 1800s, and it has been emulated across Scandinavia for its ability to comfort its dwellers during the dark and stormy winters. Whether it’s a full remodel or just some homely touches of different textiles, ceramics, or lighting for your current setup, you’ll be surprised by the extraordinary power of the ordinary. 


Similar to your Scandi vibe, a Bohemian or Boho kitchen will have a casual, relaxed ambience to it, with an interior that aims to evoke the free spirit of its homeowners. This is also achievable in a number of different ways, permitting you personalise your kitchen how you see fit — often, the more spontaneous the better. However, there are a few hallmarks of Bohemia décor that won’t go amiss.

If your aim is to colour your kitchen with character, you can be pretty spendthrift about it — repurposing old items will give your space a dose of shabby chic. From vintage prints and textiles, to antique lamps and old throws, there’s a vibrant bohemian beauty in being as eclectic as possible. Contrasting a colour palette that pops, with darker, organic wood furniture will make the space feel offbeat and inviting, like you’re in a scene from a film by Pedro Almodóvar.

If you’re into the more rustic side of things, what could work delightfully is an antique silk rug, rich with history and character, which can complement either a more neutral colour scheme or a bold one. To make things even more vibrant, try some vivid tile designs, and round off the space with some natural zest by going big with houseplants. You can even nestle your pots of fresh herbs in between them. 


In the opposite direction to Boho, the industrial style makes use of stripped back, raw features, with the aim of foregrounding the open space and highlighting the functionality of the kitchen. This design typically makes use of large, well defined kitchen islands and sleek work surfaces, usually with stainless steel, copper or brass — but there is room for manoeuvre. 

For the bare bones of building your kitchen this way, get creative with blending different materials and textures. Picture exposed pipework flanked by raw wood, or copper hardware with a red brick-like backsplash. The space will have an imposing contemporary edge to it, but will be no less welcoming — in fact, it will just tempt you to get stuck into all that cooking gear. Including an industrial-style pantry has become a popular addition, having both food supplies and equipment out in the open, resting on strong iron shelves that have a little rusty character to them.

You might not have initially had factory-feel at the top of your remodel ideas list, but by incorporating elements that are both highly durable and minimalist, the new space will feel both stylish and practical. Smart storage systems will emphasise just how modern your appliances are, and scattering features like metal wall hooks or distressed lamp shades will turn the place into a stylish workspace straight out of Brooklyn’s warehouse district