5 unique design features to bring the wow factor to your contemporary kitchen

11th March 2022
unique design for contemporary kitchens from Harvey Jones

Contemporary kitchens can be dreamy to look at. From simple, elegant cabinetry and clean lines, to integrated appliances and a dash of sophisticated neatness, they are stylish, clutter-free and if designed well, will not fail to improve your way of life. . 

When it comes to designing your own dream space though, there’s a lot to consider, especially as many homeowners want to add special elements to ensure their kitchen stands out from the rest. 

If you’re thinking about remodelling your current space, we’ve got five unique contemporary kitchen design ideas to help you add that extra wow factor.

1. Add a booth

A popular trend within the kitchen industry is booths, but if you’re imagining worn American diner booths, think again. Also known as banquette seating, this feature is a rethink of the traditional kitchen table and chairs found in most homes. Not only does it provide more space for relaxing, but some styles incorporate storage too. Items you don’t regularly use can be stored away, creating a tidy, clutter-free room.

A booth is a fantastic addition to any kitchen, whether it’s large or small, modern or classic. For family kitchens, in particular, the room needs to function for everyone and meet all your requirements. This modern white booth in the corner of the room with beautiful natural light flooding in is an example of how the feature can add something a little different to your design. It’s cosy yet neat and organised, and looks the part in any contemporary kitchen. 

Booths don’t have to span the length of one full wall either, and can be incorporated into small areas too. If your kitchen is oddly shaped with spaces that are hard to fill, this might be the perfect idea. Banquette seating also works perfectly in small spaces, as you can still provide adequate seating without having to accommodate room for individual chairs. This cosy corner booth in this Arbor kitchen provides the ideal spot for a relaxed family breakfast or working from home.

2. Use salvaged materials

In a similar way to booths, industrial style elements are not just for restaurants and pubs. Raw, exposed components, open plan spaces and a neutral colour palette all can be woven in your contemporary kitchen design too. One element we love to bring into modern homes is salvaged materials (popular for industrial styles). From vintage furniture and reclaimed wood, to durable metal cabinets and concrete flooring, these will add a unique touch to your kitchen.

Incorporating industrial elements into your contemporary space is about blending the new with the old, so consider combining a wooden dining table with matching chairs, or wood countertops, with neutral shades and commercial fittings. Our industrial inspired family kitchen is a fine example, featuring wooden stools and copper fixtures — a modern space that mixes bold colour, different materials and an open plan layout. 

Meanwhile, embrace old wooden beams and planks, which are ideal for the foundations of a kitchen island, whilst showcasing exposed brick walls to complement your modern kitchen cabinets, and add thrifted metal containers to provide industrial style storage.

3. Incorporate polished copper

Another popular aspect finding itself in contemporary kitchens is polished copper, which adds a depth of warmth and takes centre stage. The material is versatile in that it can be perfectly polished or a little bit beaten and worn, and will still look stylish and streamlined. 

Subtle polished copper accents such as pots and pans, cabinet handles and appliance knobs are alluring ideas for your contemporary kitchen. You could opt for a bolder look with a copper splashback that allows light to bounce around the room and adds a sense of homeliness to an all-white kitchen. There are endless ways to include polished copper — pendant lights, taps, storage canisters, and even your cutlery and utensils. 

While hammered, worn down pieces of copper can look unique for a characterful kitchen, it’s best to opt for copper with a smooth polish as this blends with the desired clean look of a contemporary kitchen.

4. Hang up art

With the high potential for spills and splashes, you might not consider art an option for your kitchen. However, it can help transform the space from functional to warm and welcoming. After all, the kitchen is where you brew your morning cup of coffee, share meals with your family and socialise with friends, so why wouldn’t you want some art to look at?

The right piece can give your kitchen a wow factor. For this to be the case, buying the first piece of artwork you see just won’t do. In the same way as the rest of your interiors, it needs to be thought-out and carefully picked to match your home. We recommend selecting artwork which includes the same shades as your contemporary kitchen colour scheme, as these will complement the space. Another idea is to choose pieces that reflect the room’s functionality, such as images of fruit and veg

When it’s time to hang your artwork, make sure you place it somewhere it won’t get damaged by heat or water. As long as it’s out of reach of the hob and sink, you’ve got freedom to get creative — you can even prop your art up on shelves!

5. Invest in a handcrafted kitchen design

Another great way of ensuring your kitchen is unique is to invest in a handcrafted kitchen that can be customised to suit your preferences and needs. While this option will likely mean a large-scale kitchen remodel that can be costly and disruptive to your home, the outcome is worth it — boasting style, uniqueness and expert craftsmanship.

At Harvey Jones, all of our kitchen designs are built in our Cambridgeshire workshop using tried-and-tested construction methods.  Our Original design is ideal for period properties, as well as those wanting to add character to their modern kitchen. These can be hand-painted in any shade you wish and feature a wide range of storage options, including a pantryrun-end storage, and integrated bin cupboards.  Alternatively, our Linear range is ideal for those wanting a chic and contemporary space, take a look at this two toned Linear kitchen with flat panelled cabinets and integrated appliances for a seamless finish. 


If you’d like additional information and advice about your contemporary kitchen design, contact our team to discuss with a designer or download our brochure.