5 utility rooms must-haves

29th February 2024

If you’re lucky enough to be planning a super organised utility space then here are our 5 must-haves! 

  1. A butler sink

A classic butler sink is both stylish and practical giving ample space for washing and soaking clothes as well as cleaning muddy boots!

  1. Ample storage

Carefully considered storage is essential in any utility room. Our housekeeping larder has plenty of space for your ironing board, cleaning essentials, guest linens and more. Whether you choose cupboards or open shelving ensure you have a home for everything to keep the space organised and clutter free. 

utility room images
  1. Room to dry

Whether you choose a ceiling pulley, hanging rail, or just floor space for your trusty airer it’s just as important to consider where you will dry your clothes as well as where you’ll wash them! 

  1. A splash of colour

Utility rooms don’t have to feel utilitarian! A splash of colour will add some fun to the daily chores and might even put a smile on your face!  

  1. A secret door!

While not exactly an essential, we absolutely love the idea of this unassuming ‘kitchen cupboard’ actually being a secret door into a practical and organised utility room. Our designers are expert at creating unexpected touches that will elevate your kitchen and utility spaces.  

doors opening into utility room

To discuss your utility room get in touch with one of our designers.