Why Choose Handmade

22nd October 2019

With so much choice available when it comes to buying a kitchen it’s often hard to decide not just what style and design to opt for but also how to make the most of your budget.

Often, it’s not how much you have to spend that’s key but how you choose to spend it. While opting for an off-the-shelf design might save you cash in the short term, it’s important not to scrimp on the details otherwise you could end up with a kitchen that is a frankly disappointing version of your dream. That’s where made-to-measure, handcrafted design really comes into its own, giving you the opportunity to create something that perfectly fits the needs of you and your family as well as something that fits the space perfectly too.

That’s particularly important to consider if you are fitting out a room that has wobbly walls, nooks and crannies and isn’t a conventional and easy-to-fit out square. It means your finished design will be bespoke to your room and therefore more refined and longer-lasting. Bespoke design also gives you the opportunity to personalise the interior of your cabinets, as much as the exterior, ensuring they cater perfectly to your family’s storage needs with utensil, pan, and china drawers that not only look beautiful but keep your belongings safe and tidy, too.


All four of the Harvey Jones designs – OriginalShakerLinear and the latest Arbor– are created in-house by designers who will spend time with you discovering your needs and wants to help produce a scheme that’s a realisation of your dream kitchen.

Once a design is signed off, each kitchen is then hand-built by our expert craftsmen and women to order in the workshops in Cambridgeshire using traditional joinery methods and constructed using premium materials and a classic framed design. Doors are set into solid hardwood and secured with durable butt-style hinges for a timeless design and doors that won’t drop, however much they’re opened and closed, while tongue-and-grooved tops and backs help to create solid, strong units. The finished cabinets are then hand-painted in-situ to your specifications ensuring a perfect finish every time. In fact, were so confident that your kitchen cabinets will pass the test of time in both design and make-up that they carry a 10-year guarantee.

Finally, Harvey Jones is a member of The Furniture Ombudsman, so you can rest easy in the knowledge that it is dedicated to designing and making kitchens that more than stand up to their high standards.