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Buying a Bespoke Hand Painted Kitchen

Future-proof your space

Fashions come and fashions go but if you’re investing in a new bespoke handmade kitchen it’s unlikely that you’ll want a design that could fall victim to being ‘so last year’ before it has even seen its first dinner party.

Classic cabinetry shapes such as our hand-painted Shaker, Original, Linear, Linear Edge and Arbor designs are a wise choice but the colour you opt for is particularly important as it can often pinpoint with alarming accuracy a kitchen’s age and could give an oh-so-smart design the feeling of being old before its time.

Unlike off-the-shelf, pre-painted designs that may have been developed in an office many years before they even arrive at the warehouse, investing in a bespoke hand-painted kitchen will allow you to choose exactly the colour – and precise shade of that colour – you want. This is doubly important because each home is different and colour can change significantly depending on where it sits in a room and the time of day. Finding the perfect shade with which to personalise your own kitchen is so much easier when you can take into account those factors and select a colour that sits perfectly in your own home. So whether you’re a fan of deep blues and greys or a lover of the new trend for soft pinks and emerald greens you can ensure you get the exact shade to suit your space.


Investing in a hand-painted design gives you an almost limitless choice and it’s a hard-wearing, long-lasting one, too. It can also help you to be a little braver and more playful with colour choices, perhaps by mixing and matching tones of the same shade by using darker painted cabinetry on base cabinets and lighter on the wall. A central island or peninsula is another way to add some personality with colour without overwhelming the rest of the space.

The benefits of a hand-painted kitchen doesn’t stop there, though, as unlike lacquer or laminate, dents and scratches that are the result of normal family wear and tear can easily be repainted, making it a much more sustainable choice. Finished with a durable oil-based eggshell, all Harvey Jones cabinets have a smooth, matt finish, which is easy to keep clean and to repair, ensuring it looks fabulous for longer.

Finally, if you do tire of your colour choice after a while or just want a refresh, the benefit of installing a hand-painted design is that you can easily transform it by repainting all or part of it to completely transform a design should you so wish, all at a fraction of the cost of a whole new kitchen

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