Embrace the Tenniscore Colour Trend in your Home!

26th June 2024

Are you ready to ace your kitchen colour palette this summer? There’s no reason the latest fashion trends can’t influence your kitchen design choices, and Tenniscore has come along just in time for Wimbledon! This playful and energetic style brings crisp whites, fresh grass greens, tennis ball yellows, and clay-inspired reds and pinks into your kitchen, creating a bold statement with a summer-inspired vibe. Our brochure is packed with inspiration, but let’s take a look at some of our most popular kitchens that tick the Tenniscore box.

1. Fresh Grass Greens: Green kitchens are here to stay, fresh and vibrant, the perfect summer colour palette. A striking green island steals the spotlight in a neutral kitchen or a combination of green shades creates the ultimate indoor-outdoor kitchen space.

2. Crisp Whites: A colour we’re used to seeing over the summer months when it comes to our Wimbledon viewing! All-white kitchens feel clean and modern with vibrant pops of plants and fresh herbs are a great way to add some contrast without dominating the space.

3. Vibrant Yellows: Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you paint your kitchen in neon tennis ball yellow, but we won’t judge if you do! Think about the composition of light in your space, and use the daylight as your yellow here. A bright and airy space with some subtle accents of yellow is a nice gentle nod to the Tenniscore trend.

4. Clay-Inspired Reds and Pinks: Inspired by the rich tones of clay courts, these hues bring a sense of earthiness and warmth to your kitchen. Whether you opt for hand-painted cabinetry, terracotta flooring, a bold red splashback or accent wall, incorporating reds and pinks adds a touch of drama to your home.

The beauty of a bespoke kitchen is that it is unique to you, so whether you’re looking for an interiors-twist on a fashion trend or something more classic in its aesthetic, our design experts are on hand to help you answer some of the tricky questions that come along with a project of this scale. You can request an appointment, or if you’re still in the early stages of inspiration head over to our Tenniscore-inspired Pinterest board.