Entertaining in the Kitchen

26th October 2020

For many, the most important part of the festive season is the entertaining. From succulent Christmas dinners to stylish winter drinks, more and more events take place in the kitchen – the perfect entertaining spot to make guests feel relaxed and welcome.

No longer just a space to prepare food, the kitchen has replaced formal dining rooms as the place to catch up and celebrate with friends and family.

The key to making the kitchen work for entertaining is to design a layout that’s both efficient and sociable. As well as considering where the chef will cook, it’s important to have an idea of where food will be served and guests will gather.

A kitchen island will double as a visual divide within an open-plan design, allowing the hosts to socialise with their guests while they sit at a breakfast bar or dining table. Alternatively, to subtly section the space, a different counter height, colour scheme or flooring will define areas as separate, giving the room a natural flow.

In a kitchen where cooking, dining and entertaining all happen, clever design can make a big difference.

Functional storage such as open shelving built into the kitchen island is essential to hold additional plates and glasses, as well as display seasonal decorations.

In terms of appliances, twin ovens will make it easier to cater for any size of party and a wine cooler is a must to showcase wines for every occasion and allow guests to help themselves. A recent study from Harvey Jones revealed 38% of British adults enjoy drinking alcohol while they cook, with wine proving to be the favourite tipple, so it’s no surprise that wine storage options are deemed essential during the festive season.