How to design a Linear Kitchen

25th August 2020

Inspired by minimalist and simplistic aesthetics, the linear kitchen creates a seamless space that is centred on functionality, without skimping on style. Using our tried and tested joinery techniques, we can create streamlined kitchens with unbroken lines for a minimalist design. Here, we’ll go through everything that goes into designing a linear kitchen, and explain how you can achieve the look in your own home.


A linear kitchen brings together modern aesthetics and a classic minimalist approach, offering all the benefits of framed construction with a sleek edge. Modern flat doors with concealed hinges and understated door handles provide continuous lines that give a smooth finish. For a more contemporary twist, our linear edge kitchen incorporates the same styles, but without the use of door handles for a seamless look.

In a linear kitchen storage space is key, everything has a place to keep surfaces as clear as possible, enhancing the pared-back, minimalist feel. For a modern approach use neutral shades for cabinets, doors, worktops, and walls to help create the understated, clean look that works best for a linear kitchen.


Here at Harvey Jones, we can easily design a linear kitchen for your home, regardless of the size of the room. By choosing the appropriate lighting, colour schemes, and cabinet options, we can help you build a timeless kitchen that makes the most of the space.

Each of our kitchens is built to order in our Cambridgeshire workshop, allowing us to tailor each element specifically to your personal requirements. From dovetailed solid oak drawer boxes to large, flat doors with concealed hinges, it doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is.


For smaller spaces, choose taller furniture to draw the eye upwards, providing all-important storage without taking up precious floor space. Alternatively, you could opt for horizontal lines with larger drawers to lead the line of vision through your kitchen, creating the illusion of a much longer room.

As linear kitchens include plenty of storage options, it’s important to use your space wisely if you don’t have much to work with. For example, integrating your oven or microwave in tall units saves space elsewhere, while creating that modern look that’s integral to this kitchen style.


If you’re lucky enough to have a big kitchen, you have the opportunity to include features like islands, without worrying too much about how to maximise the available room. This creates even more storage space, allowing you to keep work surfaces clear for a clean, sophisticated finish. Larger areas also mean you can forgo taller units and, instead, keep the ceiling space in your kitchen light and airy.

More space allows for a more open-plan design within your home, as with our famous Shaker kitchen styles. For example, you could incorporate a breakfast bar to extend your kitchen into another living area where friends and family can socialise. Add understated bar stools to accompany your linear kitchen, in either matching neutral shades, or brighter colours to stand out and make a statement.


Maximising the light in your kitchen helps to keep the surfaces looking airy and bright, whilst opening up the space to create an inviting place for guests. Placing understrip lighting beneath counters and plinths offer a simple way to brighten up the room and highlight your kitchen, while spotlights allow you to draw attention to specific areas along your worktop or on open shelving units. Include glass panels on cupboard doors to refract light around your kitchen, while breaking up large banks of doors.


Linear kitchens are typically light and neutral, which helps to create a light and open aesthetic. Greys, whites, creams, and browns are classic tones that work well for linear kitchens, while accent colours help to break up the surfaces, through features like contrasting worktops or handles.

As all of our kitchens are custom built and hand-painted, we can help you create the exact kitchen you have been dreaming of. Choose a tone and colour scheme that’s perfect for your room and let us handle the rest. Experiment with different or multiple shades and colour in your kitchen, to give a unique and custom finish that is bespoke to you.

Book an appointment with our team to find out more about our award-winning linear kitchen range, and let us help you design your own.