In Conversation With Kerry Lockwood

11th May 2018

This month we invited Kerry Lockwood, the mastermind behind ‘Kerry Lockwood In Detail’, to share her passion for designing the kitchen and beyond.

1. Tell us about yourself and what you do.

Hello! I’m an interior stylist and a design & lifestyle influencer. I live with my husband, Justin and our two children, Alfie who is 12 and nine-year-old Jersey. We’ve also got a cockapoo called Chester.

2. Where did your passion for interior design come from?

My passion stems from the feeling you get from being in a well-designed space, somewhere that makes you want to linger and see more. When I met my husband and we bought our first house, I realised there was a whole new world of interior possibilities out there and I couldn’t wait to get started. We then found ourselves having to relocate for Justin’s job so we decided to rent rather than sell our house, we are still renting eight years later! So that brought along a whole new set of challenges and resulted in the start-up of my interior styling business and blog. I really wanted to help other people to create a home that they never want to leave.

3. What is your design mantra?

“Don’t be afraid to mix modern and traditional pieces, they work really well together and give more of an eclectic feel to your home.”

4. How does this reflect in the design of your house? 

In my kitchen, I have a fabulous vintage workbench, which is full of character and a real statement piece. I have also incorporated a chrome shelving unit, along with the modern art on the walls, and modern Shaker style kitchen units. They all work really well together.

5. Have you noticed any new trends in the kitchen?

I’ve noticed that more people are using natural materials in the kitchen like exposed brick, reclaimed wood and concrete. Kitchens have lots of straight lines so these are great for adding texture. Also, people seem to be paying more attention to the smaller details and spending a lot more money on decent hardware like brass handles and taps.


6. If you had £250 to spend in the kitchen, what would you buy?

Well, that’s’ a tricky one because we rent our house and kitchens are one of the hardest rooms to change in a rented home. So I would need a lot more than £250 to get the kitchen how I would like it! So right now if I only had £250 I would buy a really good set of pans…. boring to some but I love cooking!

7. What colour(s) should we be using in the kitchen?

I love the mix and match look so a dark colour on the bottom cabinet, like a navy or off black, and a lighter shade on the wall units. I would also include a statement tile splashback to make a great focal point. I think it’s important to remember that kitchen cabinets are often not something you change very often, so go for a colour that you love and won’t go off.

8. What are your three top tips for decorating shelves in the kitchen?

I wrote a blog post all about styling open shelving in the kitchen which you can find here:

My top three would be:

  1. For tall shelving units, start at the bottom and use the bottom shelves for bulky appliances and large cookware.
  2. Add layers by using glass canisters and baskets, which are also great for storage if you don’t have space in the cupboards.
  3. Everything doesn’t have to be functional, so have fun and add a few decorative items along with fairy lights and plants.

9. What are your kitchen must-haves?

A kitchen island or breakfast bar so that friends and family can gather around with a drink and take a seat while I’m in the kitchen cooking. A mixture of built-in cabinets and free-standing storage. Open shelving is so much more interesting than just a blank row of doors, it also gives you a space to display your tableware and the hundreds of recipe books collected over the years! Also cool art, it brings a space to life and makes it feel homely.

10. Where do you go for design inspiration? (websites, magazines, Instagram accounts etc.)

I find inspiration all around. I read a lot and look at magazines. My favourites are Elle Décor, Country Living, Modern Rustic and LivingEtc. Online I look at Pinterest, Instagram, Apartment Therapy and interior blogs. I also walk a lot with my dog and love exploring new places and visiting new restaurants and hotels. It really helps to get my creative juices flowing!


Quickfire questions:

1. Pastels or primaries? Primaries
2. Plain or patterned? Plain
3. Chairs or stools? Stools
4. Wood or stone? Both!!!!
5. Aga or oven? Oven
6. Industrial pendants or decadent chandelier? Industrial pendants
7. Larder or utility room? Utility
8. Cooking or eating? Eating
9. Instagram or Pinterest? Instagram…sorry Pinterest
10. Minimalist or maximalist? Maxi!

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