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Kitchen Design: Classic Shaker Style

As Leonardo da Vinci once said, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. With its clean lines and balanced proportions, the Shaker kitchen is a statement of simplicity and style. A turquoise painted Shaker kitchen design with bespoke island

The Shaker movement champions function, form and classic proportions, culminating in a popular style that has stood the test of time. Our Shaker kitchen cleverly balances out this simple minimalism with the welcomed addition of elegant curved edges, pops of colour and the use of contrasting materials.

How can you take a timeless kitchen design and make it your own?


Incorporating colour into your kitchen is one of the most impactful (and simple) ways to add character; and you can do so using multiple tones. A neutral colour palette is popular for a classic style kitchen and, as we all know, it will enlarge smaller spaces without a single structural change. And colour isn’t just confined to the walls. You can create a ‘feature wall’ effect by customising a colour scheme with a central island. Our bespoke hand painted cabinetry can be painted any colour and then repainted as often as desired.

Harvey Jones classic Shaker kitchen in baby blue


Another tip is to incorporate a combination of shapes, materials and textures. If you have a period property with original features, or the option to include them in the design, merging warm oak cabinetry and original wood beams will add character. A well-placed island is a statement piece for large open spaces, adding structure and creating a stunning but functional focal point.

Harvey Jones Shaker kitchen with oak cabinetry


As with any successful design, often the best features are those you don’t see. Storage is the unsung hero in many kitchens and this is certainly true of the Shaker Pantry Larder which features an integrated worktop space, shelving and storage – all designed to make life a little easier.


Harvey Jones classic Shaker kitchen in white

Ready to start your design process? Arrange a design consultation through our request form, or by telephoning 0800 389 6938 to speak to a designer in your local Harvey Jones showroom.


  • Top Tips
  • Experiment with colour from your cabinets to splashbacks.
  • Combine an array of materials - mix materials for a cohesive look or contrast a variety for a truly unique aesthetic.
  • Invest in clever storage solutions so that clean lines are maintained throughout the kitchen.

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