Kitchen Inspiration: Our Favourite Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

12th January 2021

Whether you’re a fan of tradition and history or modern minimalism, a Shaker kitchen is sure to tick all the boxes. This style cleverly blends clean lines, balanced proportions and exceptional craftsmanship for a stylish and timeless finish. Our Shaker kitchen range is by far the most popular design we offer here at Harvey Jones, ideal for every home and handpainted in any shade to give customers total creative freedom.

The key to a beautiful Shaker-style kitchen is the cabinetry. Smooth, sleek and simple, these units embody the Shaker principles for a stunning kitchen with immediate wow factor. No doubt you’ll have your own ideas when it comes to designing your new kitchen, but there’s no harm in exploring our previous projects for inspiration before making any final decisions. Take a look at some of our favourite Shaker kitchen cabinets to get an idea of your style.

What are Shaker-Style Cabinets?

To answer this question, you need to know a little about the history of the Shaker kitchen. This design was created by a mid-18th century religious sect called the ‘Shaking Quakers’, a group that championed form and functionality to build simple, well-made furniture using the best materials. Every piece was meticulous and efficient but totally free from ornamentation. Extra details were considered gratuitous and prideful by the Shakers.

These principles are perfectly exemplified in the Shaker-style cabinets that are still popular centuries after the sect dwindled. Made from five pieces of wood, these furnishings have flat centre panels surrounded by raised rectangular frames. Typically the handles will also be crafted from wood but metal versions are also popular nowadays, although often they will be suitably understated. The clean lines create a streamlined and uncluttered space, making Shaker-style cabinets perfect for anyone who wants an attractive kitchen with no unnecessary fuss.

Our Top Six Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Our Shaker kitchen cabinets are available in any colour you like and can be incorporated into any sort of home, whether that’s a country cottage or a slick, city apartment. These are a few of our favourites designs:

1.   Green Shaker

These stunning Shaker Green cabinets are a classy way to add a pop of colour to your kitchen. This shade offers an eye-catching alternative to the blacks, greys and browns that most commonly feature in cabinetry. As you can see in our Bold Green Shaker Kitchen, the Highland Green shade beautifully complements the glossy white worktops and natural oak flooring, while the antique brass fittings create a warm and homely feel.


2.    Blue Shaker 

This striking Shaker Blue kitchen is ideal if you’re designing a kitchen for a large household. We incorporated these into a striking yet practical industrial-inspired family space. The dramatic Little Greene’s Royal Navy 257 paint offers the perfect balance between impact and comfort, with metallic finishes adding a touch of glamour to the design.


3.   Blue Shaker 

The blue Shaker cabinets look spectacular in this kitchen where the bespoke island is the focal point. To emphasise the white marble worktop, we decided to stick to a cool colour palette with two different shades of blue. To ensure the space didn’t feel too cold we incorporated warm hues within the kitchen such as brown stools around the island and wood finishes.


4.   Black-Blue Shaker 

These Black-Blue Shaker cabinets are another great option if you plan to include a kitchen island. This dark shade is simple and effortlessly sophisticated, but softer than pure black. As the cabinetry is below eye-level for the most part, the colour is dynamic without feeling overpowering, and the draws feature smart wooden inserts — the best storage solution for organising cutlery. There is also a seamless transition between the cabinets and the exotic black quartzite countertops, featuring delicate white, bronze and amber veining.


5.    Grey Shaker 

Combining grey Shaker cabinets in two different shades creates a smart, well-balanced kitchen where the island is the centre of attention. In line with Shaker conventions, the overall aesthetic is clean and crisp, with the furniture beautifully blending with the bright white walls and ceilings, and glossy black window frames.


6.    Dark Shaker  

For a contemporary look against natural wooden flooring, dark Shaker cabinets work wonderfully. These are elegant and minimalist with modern metallic detailing. For this Dark Shaker Kitchen With Oak Island, the client chose this colour to match the window frames. However, this shade is so versatile that it will look brilliant against a variety of contrasting shades too, such as whites, greys, blues and even brighter hues.


If you would like to incorporate Shaker cabinets like these into your new kitchen, get in touch by calling 0800 389 6938 to speak to a designer in your local showroom, or click here to request a complimentary design consultation