Kitchens Of All Shapes And Sizes

9th January 2015

As you may have seen from the images on our website and our Pinterest, Facebook and Houzz profiles, we make bespoke kitchens for homes of all shapes and sizes. From listed properties and traditional Victorian and Edwardian homes through to new build apartments and executive open-plan family homes, we’ve worked on projects of all types. Handmade kitchens are the ideal choice for larger family homes because of the quality of their construction and their resultant durability under heavy use. But we are often asked by clients about whether a handmade kitchen is a good choice for smaller properties.


In fact, bespoke kitchens are a great choice for smaller spaces because they allow such design freedom. Because we build all of our cabinetry ourselves in our Cambridgeshire workshop, we have the ability to alter the dimensions of cupboards to best suit the room – perhaps making them taller to capitalise on higher ceilings or shallower in depth to make the most practical use of a narrow galley space.

We understand that in smaller kitchens every inch of space is vital. We make a wide variety of cupboards and offer a range of clever internal storage options that help to make sure that everything has a place in your new room. Our showroom showcase a number of these, and our designers are always on hand to guide you with helpful suggestions about the best use of the space.

In smaller rooms it is particularly important to carefully consider light, both natural and artificial. Our kitchens are handpainted after they have been expertly installed, which means you can pick the paint colour that is absolutely right for the space and the light in the room. It’s important that natural light is supplemented by carefully chosen artificial lighting, such as under-cupboard task lighting, or plinth lighting. Also, think about appliances and accessories when designing for a small room; built-in appliances will save countertop space, so consider a special housing for your microwave. Reflective surfaces like stainless steel are good options for cookers, and glass splash backs will bounce light and create the illusion of more space. You might opt for a mirrored splashback to maximise this.

Smaller rooms might not be able to comfortably fit an island, but our Cook’s Companion is a mobile and space-saving way to give you some additional storage and food preparation space.

To book your complimentary design consultation, call 0800 389 6938 to speak with a designer in your local showroom.