Lifestyle New Year Kitchen Updates

17th January 2018

New year, new home! Whether it’s decluttering cupboards, taking a trip to the charity shop or completing a room refurb, there are several ways to get your kitchen ready for 2018. When deliberating on what changes to make, it’s important to remember you don’t always have to do a big DIY task to reap the benefits. Little tweaks and modifications can make a world of difference, without breaking the bank balance!

Below are some tips to help update your kitchen design:


Lighting plays a fundamental part in a kitchen, from illuminating works areas to creating the right atmosphere. With a small update to fixtures, you can enhance your lighting scheme and create a new ambiance without undertaking structural work.

Striking pendants work for any layout and are the ideal solution for zoning areas in a kitchen-diner or providing task lighting for a central island.

If you are looking for a light that is an eye-catching focal point, a chandelier is a good option. As seen below the 2097 chandelier from Christopher Wray adds touches of chrome and black to create a twist on an otherwise classic light.


Paint is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to update your kitchen scheme. There are so many ways to incorporate colour and it doesn’t need to be on the walls; try painting your cabinetry in a bold colour. To be truly en vogue, you could try Ultra Violet Purple, Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2018 to create an interesting focal point in the room. All of our kitchens are hand-painted, which provides the ultimate flexibility in creative license – you can paint and re-paint according to your taste and current trends.

Paint isn’t the only way to add colour, of course. You can incorporate small kitchen appliances, such as kettles, blenders and toasters in the same colour. This is a great way to create an accent colour scheme without the need for dust sheets.


Windows are often seen as more of a functional fixture in the kitchen, but have the potential to become a beautiful focal point. Window film is a simple way to update your windows and provide a striking design statement.

As shown below, the stunning Chevrons print from the MissPrint range from The Window Film Company is a fun design that adds character in any space. Applying window film is the ideal task for any avid DIYer; installation is a simple project that anyone can undertake.

Shutters also work well in the kitchen as they allow the light to stream in whilst helping to hide unsightly views (such as outdoor bins). Issues such as water damage and maintenance aren’t a problem for shutters as they can be simply wiped clean if any splashes occur. Bold shades of yellow, blue or green can complement neutral cabinetry and worktops, especially when paired with existing crockery and glassware.

As well as aesthetic benefits, frosted film and shutters both provide privacy in your home. A window treatment will help to prevent peering eyes without blocking natural light, which can be the case with blinds or curtains. Here you have a stylish compromise that will elevate the scheme and add a bright and airy feel to your new kitchen.

Whatever project you decide to undertake, big or small, your kitchen will benefit from the love and attention. ‘Change is as good as a holiday’, as they say.

It might be that superficial improvements aren’t sufficient to update your kitchen and a new design is required. Completely reconfiguring and updating your room starts with the furniture that will give your kitchen its structure. January is the perfect time to start redesigning your kitchen – our January Sale is on, meaning you can take advantage of 25% off our furniture – and all those niggles that exposed themselves in the kitchen over Christmas will be fresh in your mind to discuss with your designer.

Ready to start designing? Speak with one of our expert designers by booking a complimentary consultation or by visiting your nearest Harvey Jones showroom.