Lifestyle Summer Kitchen Accessories

6th June 2018

Summer is a fantastic time to embrace your kitchen as the focal point of your home. Where winter is often the time for cosying up in the living room with a fire and blanket, the kitchen comes into its own during the summer season as the chief space for entertaining. We’ve highlighted five accessories that are sure to come in handy for family meals and parties alike this season.

Jugs and Pitchers
Whether it’s for an evening glass of Pimm’s or treating children with homemade lemonade, the right serving jug or pitcher is a must-have for your kitchen this summer. Opt for a statement colour or pattern as shown below, to ensure drinks not only taste great but look great also.

An ‘Ono’ Jug from LSA International, and Anthropologie’s ‘Old Havana’ Pitcher.

The Perfect Serving Bowl
Serving bowls are a key kitchen accessory all year round, but never more so than in the summer, when bowls of fresh strawberries, salads and tropical fruit become meal-time must-haves. Opt for a bold statement bowl such as the below option from Joanna Wood to create a talking point for the table as well as a great serving option.

A ‘Green Lattice’ Bowl by Joanna Wood, and a ‘Bamboo Wood’ Salad Bowl’ from John Lewis.

Cast Iron Cookware
Cast Iron Cookware provides a fantastic cooking solution for the BBQ season that will forever come hand in hand with summer. Ranges such as the below from Morsø can be used both out and indoors, meaning food preparation can easily be transported into the kitchen if the fickle British weather takes an unexpected turn.

A selection of cast iron cookware from Morsø.

Cocktail Shaker
What says summer more than a fresh Mojito or Margarita? A cocktail shaker adds a fun twist to serving up drinks and is an essential kitchen accessory for the summer. The Chrome Cocktail Shaker (as seen below) from Joanna Wood is sure to provide party guests with entertainment, as well as a delicious summer beverage!

A ‘Chrome’ Cocktail Shaker by Joanna Wood, and a ‘Copper Hammered’ Cocktail Shaker available from Tesco.

Icy Lolly Moulds
Fun, inexpensive and vital for a hot day, the ice lolly holder mould is a product that every kitchen needs in the summertime. This handy accessory is fantastic for turning fresh fruit, water or juice into a refreshing party piece.

A ‘Leakue Cactus’ set from Steamer Trading, and the ‘Zoku Classic Pop Mould’ available from Lakeland.

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