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27th November 2017

Staying in is the new going out and if you’re planning to host, cocktails opitimise a warm welcome. From Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Abigail’s Party, the cocktail has remained a time-honoured custom – and for good reason. Over the years we may have swapped Campari for Aperol and orange juice for elderflower cordial, but the premise remains the same – we want to entertain our guests.

Choosing the style of your cocktail glasses is always fun and, whether it’s a highball or a flat-bottomed tumbler, there is a glass for every tipple. Here we have put together a quick guide to some of the most popular styles to see you through entertaining family and friends this festive season:

  • Martini glass

Starting with a classic, the martini glass is the epitome of glamour. Traditionally enjoyed with a martini, it is more practical than it looks. The neat stem is designed to keep warm hands away from the drink – the same logic applies to most stemware.

  • Balloon glass

A large volume glass, with room for mixers, botanicals and large ice cubes. This makes it ideal for gin and tonic and Aperol spritz.

  • Margarita glass

The prefect combination of form and function, the wider opening creates surface tension allowing drinkers to inhale the flavours and aromas from the drink.

  • Hurricane glass

This can be used for almost any drink, but often enjoyed with a Pina Colada. Served in a tall glass, it is more cumbersome and therefore harder to smash.

  • Highball glass

The default glass for most drinks due to its versatility. Famously enjoyed with a mojito.

  • Champagne flute

Time for celebration! The champagne flute is an icon of luxury with its thin elegant stem. The narrow shape helps to carbonate the drink and maintain the tiny bubbles. Needless to say it goes with prosecco and champagne like a hand in a glove.

Cocktails aside, it is also important to set your stage. Tableware and accessories can be used to reflect the occasion and, aside from the usual place mats and cutlery rings, there is an increasing trend for slightly more elaborate table arrangements. When it comes to centerpieces, there is free reign for creative license and can include anything from table runners to a large tree branch centerpiece. The latter will require some pre-planning but there are simpler ways to add a final flourish, for example a candelabra or fairy lights. Using foliage as a table runner is also becoming more popular and the choice of greenery can be used to reflect the season.

Here is a shortlist of our favourite martini glasses:

  1. Plum Martini Glasses from Tom Dixon (£80 set of two) available in rose gold. The glasses add a touch of contemporary class.
  2. Tatra Champagne and Cocktail Glasses from LSA International (£75 set of four). Inspired by folk traditions of woodworking, the glassware features an assortment of patterns, combined with the clean, angular lines and thick stems, it allows each hand-cut decoration to take centre stage. Ideal for a big celebration.
  3. The Vera Wang Sequin Champagne Saucer from Wedgwood (£70 set of two) showcases the timeless luxury of crystal. The glass embellishments utilise Vera Wang’s creations, with the octagonal cuts creating an outstanding design.
  4. The Waterford Lismore Glasses from Harrods (£155 set of two) are a dark and mysterious duo, oozing indulgence. The dramatic diamond wedge cut against the black finish are exquisite and can add a touch of elegance to a dinner party.
Plum Martini glasses from Tom Dixon and Tatra glasses from LSA International.
Vera Wang Champagne glasses from Wedgwood and Waterford Lismore glasses from Harrrods.

Our blog features a series of guides to help you prepare for the festive season ahead.

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