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14th October 2019
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Lauded by trusted review sites, such as Which? and Good Housekeeping, as well as being the subject of many an anecdotal story about long-lasting appliances, German brand Miele recently added to their impressive product line by launching their Generation 7000 appliance range.

The biggest launch in the company’s 120-year history is packed with innovative technical specifications and stunning design and covers 15 separate products groups including ovens, hobs, dishwashers, coffee machines and cooling. Harvey Jones had a front row seat at the launch in the Miele head offices in Germany earlier this year and can share with you details of just a few of our favourite technical and design innovations.

Image from www.miele.co.uk

Among the standout technical features, we saw on our visit were ovens with integrated HD cameras, extractor hoods and induction hobs using Miele’s Con@ctivity technology and a Miele@mobile app that allows you to take control of your cooking process from your phone or Alexa device.


The FoodView camera – a first in Pyrolitic ovens – allows you to see the contents of your oven from your phone or tablet via an internet connection, allowing you to adjust the temperature or cooking time remotely if, for instance, you’re not able to do it yourself. We’re thinking it would be handy on a Sunday if we’ve popped to the pub for a swift drink while the roast is cooking and we’ve been, err, slightly delayed! A world first.

TasteControl ensures cooking finishes on time to prevent overcooking, by bringing down the temperature inside the oven fast at the end of a programme by opening the door a little. While, MotionReact automatically switches on when the user approaches the oven activating lighting so you can see what’s inside and switching off any ringtones on timers.

Not content with just adding heaps of new technology to the Generation 7000 series, Miele offers four design specifications in the built-in oven lines, with each sitting at a different price point depending on which features they include.

ContourLine, PureLine and ArtLine, which is handless, are joined by VitroLine. The stunning all glass fronted VitroLine, available in Graphite Grey, Obsidian Black and Brilliant White, is a highlight, and features a colour coded, ergonomic handle with a distinctive glass inlay detail. The popular combination steam oven now features improved performance and usability and is also available with a microwave feature that can help to reducing cooking time by up to 48%.

Image from www.miele.co.uk

Hoods and Hobs

The new SmartSelect zoneless induction hobs feature intelligent pan recognition meaning pans can be moved anywhere on the hob without you having to worry about temperature adjustments – the right heat just follows them around like magic! Designed to work with compatible Miele extraction hoods, including the new DA7078 Aura 3.0 via Miele’s Con@ctivity technology, this provides the right amount of extraction automatically and switches off to save energy when the hob is no longer being used.

Image from www.miele.co.uk

Dishwashers and coffee machines

Both Miele’s dishwasher and coffee machine offerings have been completely overhauled for this launch. The redesign of the dishwasher increases both capacity and the interiors flexibility and makes the most of Miele’s new AutoDos Power Disk, which, like the systems already in operation in their washing machines, dispenses just the right amount of detergent for each wash for up to 20 washes, meaning you don’t have to remember to pop in a tablet every time you switch it on.

For its coffee machines, Miele has redesigned interior, which now offers separate built-in containers for three different coffee bean choices, so whether you’re a full-bodied espresso lover or decaff fan, your go-to-brew is always on hand. Meanwhile, the integral de-scaler cartridge and automated cleaning makes looking after it a cinch.


Touch-to-open is a big new feature for wine coolers, fridges and freezers, making access easier, particularly if you’re taking out or putting in large platters of food. The lighting has also been improved with a brilliant white light to ensure you’re getting a clear look at the contents at all times.

Planning a smart kitchen has never been easier or more beautiful. If you’d like to talk to one of our team to discuss integrating smart technologies into your new kitchen, book an appointment with a Harvey Jones Kitchen Designer here.