Plentiful Larders

27th April 2021

Always on trend, kitchen larders are a complete storage solution to host appliances, pans, utensils and supplies – including food, condiment and drinks. They are timeless and can be customised to include adjustable shelves, deep drawers, spice and bottle racks and even a worktop for food preparation.

Harking back to more traditional values and designs, larders bring charm and style to the kitchen whilst opening up a world of versatile storage solutions. From classic double-door freestanding models to sleek and minimal walk-in or built-in designs, larders can maximise storage in any size of space, creating a focal point or seamlessly blending in with the rest of the scheme.

Whether opting for a clever baker’s cupboard with deep drawers to store appliances and a stone surface to roll out pastry or choosing an organised station with beautifully arranged wooden shelves to hold condiments and drawers to fit crockery and cutlery, larders can be customised with a range of options to create the ultimate tailored piece for the kitchen.

Acting as a hideaway for bulky appliances and creating a relaxed, organised feel in the kitchen, Harvey Jones larders epitomise simplicity, functionality and quality craftsmanship. Available in five beautiful ranges – Original, Shaker, Arbor, Linear and Linear Edge – they can be painted in any colour, from bold and uplifting to more neutral shades, to perfectly complement any kitchen aesthetic.