Practicing mindfulness in the kitchen

7th January 2019

Whilst mindfulness seems to be a particularly hot topic these days, it is not a new concept by any means. The main purpose of mindfulness is to be more present in everyday moments, so as to improve your awareness of everything and everyone around you.

As our lives get busier and filled with distractions, cultivating a lifestyle that encourages better wellbeing has never been so important, and the home is a great starting point. The kitchen, in particular, plays a big part in our road to mindfulness. With it being the heart of the home, but also a busy hub of activity, it can be hard to find a balance between personality and functionality. Kitchens can often feel cold and clinical when a more minimal and functional look is preferred, but the risk of cluttered and confused spaces is just around the corner when opting for a more personal touch in your kitchen design.

We’ve rounded up our favourite ideas to create a mindful kitchen, with peaceful interiors and a relaxed feel perfect for entertaining, helping you to practice everyday mindfulness at home. 


It is no secret that a clear space equals a clear mind. Keep your mindful kitchen functional by maximising storage space with extra shelves at the end of a cabinet, for instance, which will allow you to have regularly used condiments and spices to hand and while keeping clutter at bay. 


Whilst the recent focus on dark, moody interiors might make bold colours seem tempting, paler, muted tones will help give your kitchen a serene refresh. For instance, blue is a naturally calming shade, as it is connected to the sky and water and meditative spaces in general. Adding accents of blue, in all its different hues, will inject a sense of calm into your kitchen, while also looking classic and effortless. 


Entertaining family and friends is the best way to be present and mindful. Having an island in the middle of the kitchen is the perfect piece to combine functionality and entertaining, making your kitchen your relaxation room. For bigger spaces, opt for a dining table to gather around and enjoy a homecooked meal.


Plants such as succulents are easy to care for but offer the opportunity to be present in the moment as you water them. Using mugs and bowls as pots will make plants look more integrated in the kitchen, while also giving them a personal, homely look. 


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