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15th October 2018

While induction cooking might have caught the eye of many in recent years, gas hobs, with their enviable controllability are still a popular choice particularly for professional chefs as they allow for more flexibility when cooking. Pans lose connection with an induction hob as soon as they’re lifted so it’s not as reliable a power source as a gas when it comes to tossing, shaking and sautéing. 


While concave inductions can, to a certain degree, replicate the environment needed for Chinese cooking, there’s nothing quite like a wok and a powerful burner to create the perfect stir-fry. 

Miele KM3054 five burner gas-on-glass hob, £1949. Gas hobs remain an ever popular choice with our clients and it’s no wonder why. With 5 rings, they are the perfect option of a large family kitchen.

Gas hobs come in a variety of burner formations, sizes and materials. Most often they are configured with four burners with heavy pan supports on a 60cm stainless steel base. However, recently gas hob manufacturers have taken note of our love for sleek designs and cool glass bases with lighter enamelled steel supports, making them almost as easy to keep clean as their induction rivals. Depending on your kitchen set-up, choices are huge. If space is tight then a standard 60cm four burner will suit most people’s needs but if you want something a little out of the ordinary, a series of single burner gas-on-glass domino hobs or a linear five zone hob set flush into the worktop could be a stylish alternative. 

Neff N70 60cm four burner tempered glass, £469

Technology is improving too and energy-saving seems to be at the top of the wish-list as it can help to save money in addition to being better for the environment. Look for gas hobs with an optimal burner – one where the flame runs vertically rather than horizontally and only spreads to the edge of the pan to significantly reduce energy use – which can in some cases result in an energy saving of around 10%. 

Smeg PXL664 Dolce Stil Novo Aesthetic four burner gas on steel hob, £1149. This four burner glass on steel hob goes with a modern, minimal aesthetic and works particularly well with our Linear Edge Kitchens’.

Safety functions are of course hugely important when dealing with naked flames – particularly if you’re planning to place your hob on an island at which guests and children might also sit. Look for models with automatic re-ignition should the flame go out and cut-out if pans are left to boil over.

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