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For an authentic addition that is as practical as it is timeless consider adding a pantry or dresser into your kitchen to take care of your food storage.

Our Pantry Larder provides all the storage space a kitchen requires. Featuring deep oak drawers for pans and utensils, spice and wine racks for storing jars and bottles, a granite cold shelf for food preparation or storage and two cleverly concealed removable trays, the pantry offers a complete self-contained kitchen storage solution.

Alternatively, for a more traditional look, you might prefer our Breakfast Dresser. This beautiful piece has a recessed top section with folding doors for easy access to all your food and cooking equipment. The bottom section has a pair of handmade removable trays, and two drawers and cupboards for additional storage.

Our customers love including a pantry or dresser in their kitchen because it harks back to more traditional values in living, especially with the current trend for home cooking and growing your own food. A pantry – big or small – is the perfect space in which to create and store homemade jams, pickles, cakes and drinks.

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