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As the temperature drops outside, we can rely on colour to bring warmth into the home.


Ballerina pink was once typecasted as a dainty, effeminate colour, but 2018 has seen it break free from convention and appeal to a much wider audience. While it’s enjoying a moment, we are exploring how pink, specifically ‘ballering pink’, can bring a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ to any home.



Hues of light pink have seen a popularity surge of late due to its versatility and is often considered more interesting than its neutral counterparts, grey and white. Ballerina pink can be used in so many colourways, for example alongside a crisp white, a soft grey, a dramatic navy, a velvet green or even a powerful pop of purple.


Kitchens tend to look fresh and clean when using a dash of pink throughout and, whilst in the past pink was seen as a feminine colour, homeowners are more frequently embracing different colours and designs. When paired with darker, moodier colours the overall look of a room can feel modern and contemporary.


As with the above Linear kitchen, you could incorporate pink into an island to create a focal point. For a more prevalent colour scheme, you could paint your cupboards in your favourite shade, or alternatively, introduce a hint of colour with a pink splashback.


If you’re not ready to test your love of pink with permanent colour, there is also the option to introduce it with accessories and furniture. Big brands are responding to the pink trend by releasing various new designs, so now is the time to look! Below is our shortlist:


Drum Silk pink lampshade (Habitat), Shell Hammam (Weaver Green) and Elona chest of drawers (Made.com)


Cosima chair (Artisanna London), Brass lamp base with pink shade (Joanna Wood) and Café style shutters (Shutterly Fabulous)


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