Product Up Close Pancake Day

9th February 2018

Although these days our kitchens are becoming multi-functional spaces, with room for working and playing, cooking is still a kitchen’s main function. Designing one that will take every culinary event that’s thrown at it – from children’s birthday parties and get-togethers with friends to Easter celebrations with family – is key to ensuring yours functions well. Stocking it with the right equipment is important too, and with Pancake Day just around the corner (it’s on 13th February if you need to know) now’s the time to ensure you not only have the perfect space, you have all the ingredients you need to make pancake tossing a fun event for all. Start with the right storage – one of our elegant and useful larders is a clever way to keep all you need in one place. Add plug points and you’ll have everything you need to make perfect pancakes inside.


Stand away from the pre-made batter mix, though. Recipes and methods abound on the Internet and everyone’s sure to have their favourite, but we always seem to go back to the undoubted Queen of the Kitchen Mary Berry for ours. It makes 12 delicious thin pancakes and has just three ingredients, flour, eggs and milk so it’s perfect if the little ones want to join in the fun.

Invest in clever storage solutions to hide away crockery and appliances that are only used on occasions.

Having the right tools will make sure your batter is tip-top, so now’s the time to invest in a few small but key pieces to add to your kitchen cupboard. Accurate scales for measuring ingredients, a sieve and whisk for creating a mix that’s light as air, a large pouring bowl and most important of all a solid pancake pan will help you be flipping brilliant. Plus of course, a stylish juicer for your lemons… a must-have for grown-up pancakes, although we know that Nutella fillings are trending right now. Why not? After all, we can afford to be a little naughty as it does mark the start of Lent, when chocolate likely to be off the menu for 40 days, so enjoy!

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