Student Design Competition Reimagining Our Pantry Larder

19th May 2017

We have watched with interest as the popularity of statement storage pieces has grown over recent years. The number of traditional larders and dressers we have designed and built has surged as clients increasingly appreciate the practical storage options they offer when they’re open, and their impressive aesthetics when they’re closed.

As a UK-manufacturer we have built our business on the quality of our construction and design, always looking to push forward with practical, interesting new products. For this reason, and to support the next generation of designers and craftspeople, we have been running a competition with a number of UK universities to unearth innovative and interesting new designs by challenging students to re-imagine our Pantry Larder.

There are no limits to the brief, other than maintaining the external appearance and dimensions of the Pantry Larder. Any ‘realistic’ add-ons are encouraged inside the larder; whether it be innovative shelving design, spice racks, storage solutions and gadgets.

Judging will be taking place at the end of May, and we look forward to announcing our winner and sharing the winning design.