The Ultimate Guide to Custom Kitchen Cabinets

20th May 2021
kitchen cabinets


Redesigning your kitchen is a huge task and you need to make sure you’re getting all the big decisions right. Considering how much time you spend in this room, you want to be totally happy with how it looks and functions once the job is done. If not, chances are you’ll be planning another revamp a few years down the line. And what’s the best way to guarantee you’ll end up with a kitchen you love? A bespoke design where all the elements are specifically tailored to your wants and needs. This means that the combination of your worktops, handles, paint colour and your splashbacks will be unique, making your kitchen truly one-of-a-kind.

At the heart of your kitchen are your cabinets, adding colour, texture and providing homes for your all-important tools and utensils. We’re here to explain why they’re worth investing in and how to choose the best cabinetry for your kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets: What to consider


There are lots of different kitchen cabinet styles to choose from, and you don’t need to be limited to just one if you like elements from different types. For example, perhaps you like the minimalist Linear design but would like to incorporate some traditional elements instead of using the simple, flat paneled cabinets everywhere. In this case, we can combine linear cabinetry with our shaker range for the island. Mixing and matching mean you’re sure to end up with a set of kitchen cabinets you truly love.


Choosing the right cabinets will allow you to maximise the space in your kitchen. As well as positioning them efficiently, they can be combined with clever storage options, like ‘magic corner’ mechanisms for example, to ensure no space is wasted. As well as allowing you more room to manoeuver, you can use your cabinetry to make the space more versatile. A bespoke kitchen island, for instance, can act as a dining, working or socialising zone, while you can also incorporate cupboards and drawers within it so you have additional storage space for your kitchen tools and utensils.


As with anything in life, you get what you pay for. Investing in high-quality cabinets that stand the test of time and meet all your requirements means you’re sure to be happy with the result. These will also make your kitchen look stunning and function as highly as possible, helping add financial value to your kitchen and, therefore, your home as a whole.

You’re also less likely to require a kitchen refurbishment later down the line when you choose long-lasting furnishings. Here at Harvey Jones, we are so confident in the longevity of our hand-made products that we offer a cabinetry guarantee. If any of our doors, drawers, shelves or cupboards fail or are no longer fit-for-purpose, we will repair or replace them for free for 10 years from the date of purchase. This includes hinging and drawer runners.

How to choose custom kitchen cabinets 


Kitchen cabinets can be incredibly versatile, so the first step is to choose which kind of style you prefer. For example, Shaker kitchens are characterised by simple, well-made woodwork where cabinets have a flat centre panel and a raised rectangular frame. Linear kitchen cabinets are completely flat-fronted, while Linear Edge ones are identical except they are handleless for a very contemporary look. And, as we’ve already mentioned, our Original kitchen cabinets feature some delicate detailing. If you are still finding it difficult to decide between a modern or traditional style, our Arbor kitchens are a great option, offering a clean silhouette while still retaining plenty of character. 

Your decision will depend on the style of your overall kitchen. There are lots of varieties but all types fit into one of two categories: traditional or modern. Traditional kitchens tend to be more opulent with eye-catching details and design flourishes, whereas modern ones are typically more minimal with a focus on clean lines and balanced proportions. Check out our blog on how to choose a kitchen style or talk to your designer who will be able to help you make a decision. 


We firmly believe that wood is the best option for kitchen cabinets, which is why all Harvey Jones doors and frames are made fully from oak or walnut or hand-painted option is predominately from tulip wood. This gives you exceptional-looking furnishings that are timeless, durable and long-lasting. Another benefit is the fact our cabinets can easily be painted over. So, if you fancy a change, all you have to do is update the colour, giving your kitchen an instant new look without needing to replace anything.


Choosing the colour of your cabinets is arguably the most exciting part of designing a kitchen as this is what will ultimately bring the room to life. You could choose a predominantly white kitchen, for example, which will reflect the light and help make the space look bigger and brighter. Perhaps you would prefer darker hues like black, grey and navy for a subtly sophisticated edge, or brighter blues and greens for fun pops of colour that are upbeat and contemporary.

Here at Harvey Jones, the sky really is the limit, because all our custom kitchen cabinetry can be painted in any colour you want. And of course, there’s no need to just pick one — feel free to mix and match as many as you like! We use water-based Tikkurila paint, offering a long-lasting, high-quality, flawless finish. Explore our gallery for inspiration from some of our most gorgeous colour combinations.


Last but not least, you have the handles. These weren’t always considered the most glamorous aspect of a kitchen, but as they make such a huge difference to the look and feel of a kitchen, people are now happy to invest in them! Investing in high-end handles is a simple yet effective way to make your kitchen appear more luxurious. Your choice of handle will have a huge impact on the overall look and feel of the space. For example, a simple shaker kitchen with traditional cup or knob handles will feel timeless and classic. Alternatively, if you want to convey a modern industrial finish, stainless steel, brass or black chrome handles will make a bold, glamourous statement.

There are many handles to choose from, and as the same design will often be available in different grips, colours and lengths, you can be sure you’ll find a type that’s ideal for your personal tastes and requirements.

Alternatively, you may prefer a handless kitchen. This is the ultimate understated design and looks beautiful but may not be suitable if anyone in your family has mobility issues in their hands that would make these difficult to open. If this is the case, don’t worry. There are so many kitchen handles to choose from, allowing you to transform your cabinets and make them your own.


To explore how custom cabinets could transform your kitchen, get in touch by calling 0800 389 6938 to speak to a designer in your local showroom, or click here to request a complimentary design consultation.