Choosing a Kitchen Style to Suit Your Home

18th November 2020

Choosing a kitchen style is as challenging as it is exciting. With a blank canvas to design exactly how you want, there’s brainstorming to be done and lots of decisions to be made. And as the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s definitely worth investing in this process. Rushing into the project could cost you significant time and money if you get it wrong.

To help you get started, we’ve outlined five popular kitchen styles for you to weigh up, as well as some tips that will hopefully enable you to narrow down your choices.


1. Shaker kitchen

Shaker kitchens are named after a mid-18th century religious sect called the Shaking Quakers (better known as Shakers) who pioneered simple, functional furniture with clean lines and exquisite craftsmanship. You’ll be able to spot this type of kitchen by looking at the units, which will have flat centre panels bordered by a raised rectangular frame. Refined and minimalistic, the Shaker kitchen is a timeless style that can be adapted to any home, whether it’s a country farmhouse or a city penthouse. This is perfect if you want a space that’s classic and unfussy.

2. Linear kitchen

For a simple design that’s a little more contemporary, you can’t go wrong with a Linear kitchen. These have sleek flat-fronted doors and drawers with concealed hinges to create smooth, continuous lines. Linear kitchens are also very versatile so you don’t necessarily need a lot of space to make one work. In fact, even small, one-wall kitchens can become fresh and modern following this design.

3. Linear Edge kitchen

Linear edge kitchens are identical to the classic Linear except for one key feature — handles, or rather the lack of them. This handleless design offers a seamless and pared-back alternative to the Linear kitchen. This option maintains a stylish aesthetic and also means you and your children no longer need to worry about bashing into or catching clothes on handles. However, this omission has a number of pros and cons, so it’s very important to weigh these up and see whether this kitchen style is practical in the context of your home.

4. Original kitchen

So far, all the options have championed modernity and minimalism, but what if you like the idea of something more traditional? An Original kitchen does away with plain cabinetry in favour of delicate detailing and ornate design flourishes. This is an excellent choice for period properties, beautifully complementing the architectural features typical of Victorian and Edwardian homes. However, Original kitchens are also popular with those who want to add character to a modern home, as these offer a sense of tradition without veering on old-fashioned.

5. Arbor kitchen

If your heart isn’t totally set on either a traditional or a modern kitchen style, why not get the best of both worlds? Arbor kitchens beautifully blend the Shaker and Original types to create clean silhouettes full of character. This is an understated design that combines simplicity with decorative details, resulting in a timelessly stylish aesthetic that will elevate any home.


By now you probably like the sound of some kitchen styles more than others. To further hone in on your final choice, consider some of the following factors:

1. The style of your home

There’s nothing wrong with having a modern kitchen in a traditional home and vice versa, but generally, people choose a design in line with the style of the property. For example, a clinical, white Linear kitchen would look a bit out of place in a cosy cottage with exposed wooden beams. In this case, it would make sense to choose something more rustic. Saying that, a simple Linear design could still look great with a few tweaks, such as pairing with a traditional oak worktop or ornamental knobs and handles to blend modern style with traditional detailing.

2. The space

All the kitchen types we’ve outlined are indeed suitable for any home, but analysing your space can help you make decisions about some of the finer aspects of the design. A small kitchen will look bigger if painted in a neutral shade. Another trick is to match the worktop with the splash back to create a seamless finish. And though an island may not be practical in a small kitchen, there are lots of alternatives that can maximise the room you have, like a neat breakfast bar or a custom storage solution.

3. Your personal tastes

The most important thing is that you love your kitchen. There’s no point in choosing sleek and minimal because you think it’s on trend when you actually prefer details and decoration. You are the person who will be in this room every single day so make sure it’s a space that reflects your personality and style. That could mean painting it in your favourite colours, exploring different materials and textures, and incorporating personal touches like pictures and other accessories.


Choosing a kitchen style is never easy and you’ll have to consider lots of ideas before you commit to a final design. Our experienced designers are here to make your dream kitchen a reality. Call 0800 389 6938 to speak to one in your local showroom, or click here to request a complimentary design consultation.