Trend Watch Cookware

18th June 2018

Whether it’s frying up the weekly supper or roasting the Sunday lunch, cookware plays an integral part in our day-to-day lives. Design shows, such as Clerkenwell Design Week, act as a key showcase for new products and materials that are going to be big for the upcoming year and beyond. These materials and methods have transpired into all elements of design including, kitchenware and cookware.

Material is always a fun consideration when you’re looking at cookware. Warm metals are popular in 2018, as well as copper and Saturn hues, which have been showcased in various architectural accessories.

Before we look at the latest offerings, here are some helpful points to consider:

  • Firstly, you’ll need to establish what type of cookware will be suitable for your hob/cooker. Don’t get caught out with an induction pan that won’t work on your hub, you could waste time and money.
  • If you want a clean-friendly product that you can put in the dishwasher, you’ll need to carefully consider which one will work for you and your white goods. As a general rule, pans with plastic or stainless-steel handles or knobs are dishwasher-safe; most pans with wooden handles and knobs are not.
  • Lastly, think about what pieces of cookware you need before looking online or venturing out to the shops. If you only need four pieces, ensure you stick to that number and don’t get carried away.


Clerkenwell Design Week confirmed copper as a trend that is here to stay. Copper’s versatility makes way for bold combinations and can help create a modern design scheme.

Copper is a great material cookware because it has incredible conductivity and an antibacterial effect. It will heat up almost instantly and cool down just as fast, making it the ideal solution for any savvy chef looking to create a Michelin-inspired dish!

The Croft Collection, available from John Lewis.


Investing in quality is key and whilst cast iron isn’t cheap, it has a number of benefits that make it a smart choice for a longstanding investment.

Morsø’s stylish cast iron collection is a contemporary range that doesn’t compromise form over function; the collection’s cast-iron make-up guarantees an even distribution of heat, whilst retaining a huge amount of flavour. All items are suitable for use in the oven, on all types of cookers – including induction, on the grill or over fire or barbecue as cast-iron roasting dishes.

A selection of cast iron pans available from Morso.


Induction hobs are becoming increasingly popular within homes, however, please be aware that not all cookware will work on an induction hob. This may result in chucking old pans that may not work on your new hob, so be careful when making your final choice. Tip: check the bottom of the pan to see if it’s magnetic if it is it’ll work on your induction hob.

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A set of ‘Eazyglide’ pans, available from John Lewis.