Trend Watch Kitchen Appliances Of The Future

16th May 2018

Developments in the kitchen industry have meant that intuitive, smart technology and appliances are no longer the reserve of the experts. Whether it’s hi-tech fridges that create weekly shopping lists, app-controlled dishwashers or the world’s fastest washing machine, brands are all taking part in a race to the future. 

Appliances are a key factor in your kitchen design and must be given due consideration. The style, colour and finish can all impact upon the overall look and also help to tie all your design elements together. Matching appliances in style can create a sophisticated and streamlined aesthetic; you can also use them in contrasting or complementary colours. For those who mix and match their appliances according to budget, we would recommend purchasing from the same brand but from differing series; this way you can make economical choices without compromising on consistency.

We will be looking at the latest offering in kitchen appliances. Firstly, here are some initial pointers to consider:

  • If you require both an oven and microwave, save worktop space by installing appliances in a stack. As an example, install an oven topped by a microwave and warming drawer. You can also gain cabinets under and above your appliances. A hob can then be positioned elsewhere – slim or linear styles save space if you have a galley kitchen.
  • People like to integrate their kitchen appliances into their island design, creating a kitchen hub that is entirely multifunctional. However, bear in mind that positioning your hob here will look a little messy when you’re preparing food!
  • When building a bank of appliances consider who will be using them on a regular basis and any limitations they may have in regard to height and safety concerns. We would recommend putting appliances no higher than 1600mm up from the floor, so they are easier to use but out of the reach of small children. Therefore, when designing the space check the heights to make sure they suit their individual needs.

Smart Fridges

Smart fridges have been on the design concept cards for a few years but have only recently become a mainstream reality. The perfect combination of practical and multi-functional, the smart fridge is the future. With the Samsung ‘Family Hub’ smart fridge taking centre stage, it offers food management, family connection service and entertainment streaming. In addition, Samsung is looking to broaden the offering and is promising to focus more on entertainment in 2018.

As with all new product breakthroughs, competitors will be following closely behind, with the likes of Fisher & Paykel who has recently introduced a host of new product innovations.

Washing Machines

With work and life pressures becoming even more apparent, people are valuing time more now than ever before. Brands are creating initiative products that help people spend less time doing household chores and more time on themselves.

The laundry range from Beko is one of the many examples that showcase the progress being made in this area. The range of washing machines and washer dryers can wash a full load of up to 12kg in just 28 minutes. It’s more than 75% quicker than the average cycle, meaning people will have more time to do what they please, rather than worrying about the washing.

Wine Fridges

A wine fridge is the perfect modern-day accompaniment to any kitchen. Whether you occasionally stock up for a dinner party with friends or are a serious collector of fine wines; there’s a wine fridge to suit.

Italian brand Smeg is set to launch its first-ever connected appliances later this year, which was unveiled at this year’s KBB Birmingham and EuroCucina in Milan. The first product in the Smeg Connect line-up is a wine cooler that is controlled by an app for iOS or Android devices. The app will allow users to manager wine stocks, select favourites, pair wine with dishes, order wines through an e-commerce platform, as well as control temperature.

With technology set to take over, many more innovative products will be following suit.

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