Trend Watch

29th January 2018

Kitchen planning and interior design are one and the same – if designed correctly, our kitchens should be an emblem of our personal style. You should embrace every opportunity to add show off your creative flair so you can enjoy a space that reflects your personality.

Splashbacks are the perfect canvas for injecting colour and pattern and have the potential to set the tone for the overall scheme. Not only do they serve a stylistic purpose, there are obvious practical benefits as well. They keep your kitchens clear from splashes and spillages. Splashbacks are also extremely hygienic, easy to clean and one of the most important benefits they are heat resistance.

There are a few points to consider when deciding on what type of splashback you want to introduce into your kitchen. Firstly, from a function perspective, consider what areas require protection. Will you benefit from a simple panel on the wall behind the hob or will it be more intricate and cover most of the wall? Also, from a stylistic standing, think about your worktops and what will compliment the colour and material of the splashback. For a streamlined look, opt for the same material for both. This can also be achieved with an upstand around the entire hob and sink area. Alternatively, you can mix materials, which is a design trend that is expected to continue into 2018. Finally, if you are feeling brave, go for a bold patterned splashback that contrasts the worktop and cabinetry. This works perfectly if you have neutral cabinetry and worktops as you can inject a statement colour or pattern for a bright, contemporary look.

There are many options to choose from, here we have cherry picked some suggested schemes.

Tiles enable you to experiment with colour and pattern. For example, a retro inspired tile (as seen below), adds interest to your walls and an instant focal point to the design.

An alternative to painting cabinets and walls, tiles are a great way to introduce personality and originality into your bespoke kitchen design. Consider pairing accessories with the accented colour of your splashback. Ensure you check the colour of the tiles at different times of the day, under natural and artificial light, to make certain the tiles are right for your scheme and you like the colour from daytime through to evening.

A blue and white Linear kitchen design with a bespoke tiled splashback adds character to the room.

We are using wallpaper more than ever before and it is no longer confined to living and dining areas. Wallpaper splashbacks are a popular solution that is expected to grow in 2018, so you can expect to see more of them. The wallpaper splashback is an unbreakable pvc with eco UV resistant print. It is also water and heat resistant, which means it can even be used behind a gas stove.

This unusual substitute provides homeowners with the flexibility to update the scheme without the time and expense required with tiles or glass. Whether you’re changing the style according to trends, or even neutralising a scheme ready to sell your property, wallpaper is the perfect quick fix product.

A traditional, neutral Shaker kitchen with a glass splashback adds a perfect pop of colour to this design.

Glass splashbacks are the most sought-after type of splashback amongst homeowners. Glass can also benefit from having lighting underneath cabinets to highlight the mirrored effect of the glass.

They suit any portfolio of space and with a wide variety of colours to choose from, there is a colour to suit every kitchen to brighten up the darkest of schemes. Striking tones, such as purples and deep reds (as shown below) can provide a modern touch on an otherwise traditional Original or Shaker kitchen.

Brighten up your kitchen design with a coloured glass splashback. Extend the same colour into the rest of your kitchen design by painting the interior of your cabinets.

Whether you are looking to achieve an eye-catching statement or a practical splashback for a busy family kitchen, there is something for everyone.

Our showrooms have a wide range of splashbacks on display. Visit your local Harvey Jones showroom and speak to one of our expert designers on how to make your selection for your kitchen design. Alternatively, request our brochure here for more splashback inspiration.